We live close to the Meaford Tank Range and often hear the deep rumbles of the artillery as the Canadian Armed Forces carry out their practice manoeuvres. 

The Range has been part of the landscape since WWII.  Everybody knows it’s there, and yet people will move in or build a home close to The Range and then complain about the noise.  What did they expect?

Despite warnings, people will build homes on flood plains and then complain when everything is swept away.  What did they expect?

Homeowners on fault lines will complain that their buildings have been damaged by an earthquake.  What did they expect?

Customers will order hot black coffee and then sue MacDonald’s when they spill it on themselves and get a minor first degree burn.  What did they expect?

A rowdy partier will drink too much beer, climb his buddy’s roof, dive into the pool, suffer a broken neck, and then sue his buddy.  What did he expect?

People will send their money away to people they have never met hoping for a 1% daily or 50% monthly or even 2000% annual return on their ‘investment’, and then complain when the ‘company’ folds and they can’t get their money back.  What did they expect?

The recent class action suits against the SEC for shutting down Zeek Rewards make as much sense as suing the weatherman for the loss of your home when the river floods again this year the same way it has flooded for the past zillion years.  The plaintiffs might as well take on the Secret Service, the FTC, the IRS, all the Attorneys General, Congress and the Pope while they are at it.

Ponzis will always collapse and people will always lose their money.  What else would you expect?

Wake up, Zeeksters!  You dove off a roof drunk.  You spilled hot coffee on yourself.  You built on a flood plain.  You joined a Ponzi scam.  You lost your money.  What did you expect?

Grow up and take responsibility for your actions and stop pestering the agencies who are trying to protect fools like you.


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Bob and Anna Bassett

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