Most people are aware of the problems that YTB is facing these days with the OAG’s of California and Illinois.  Just Google to learn more and read our article “Your Travel Business Can Take You For a Ride!”

Let us explain just one way they got themselves into trouble …

They brag about their 139000 distributors – an impressive number!

What YTB does NOT like to make public is the fact that they charge their reps $50 per month for websites called ‘booking engines’.

We have talked to the Chairman of another company, six years old, marketing forty products in forty countries.  He told us that his entire operating budget for all software – sales, tracking, commissions, genealogy, and all replicated websites (seven free sites for all reps) – is about $200 per month.

Let’s agree that websites cost pennies per month to operate, and let’s set aside the question of why we reps should have to pay our companies for sites if we are bringing business to them.  Let’s take a look at how YTB lives out of the pockets of their reps.  Back to the math …

139000 x $50 per month = $6,950,000 per month to the company!

That’s $7 million per month, and not one ball game or boat ride has been sold!

It gets worse …

YTB pays out $29 of that $50 to sponsors and upline and calls it residual income.  It is not residual income.  It is residual robbery.

Of that $7 million per month, about $4 million goes to the field, and about $3 million goes directly to the company.  And where does it come from?  Right out of your pocket if you are a YTB ‘travel agent’.

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