Another great tip from Big Al’s “77 More Hot Prospecting Ideas” series called “How Real People Become Millionaires.”

It happens a lot.  A caller pleads, “I’m broke. I can’t afford a distributor kit. I can’t afford your opportunity. I want to become a millionaire. So how do I get started?”

The answer is simple.  First, become a ‘hundredaire.’  Second, become a ‘thousandaire.’  Third, THEN become a ‘millionaire.’

You see, if the caller can’t learn how to accumulate $100 after years of working, how will the caller ever have the discipline to accumulate even one thousand dollars?  It’s easier for most people to eat out at restaurants, play video games, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, buy non-necessities that are on sale, or buy a new car on payments than it is to save $100.  Until that pattern is broken, even the best network marketing opportunity won’t solve their problems.

A prospect will ask us, “How long will it take me to make $5000 a month?”  We reply, “Do you want that answer by tea leaves or Tarot cards?”  There is no way to predict, and we are all forbidden by law to make any income promises or projections.

What we can ask is, “Are you making $5000 a month now at your job?” or “Have you ever made $5000 a month?” and “How long did it take you?”

In 2001, I (Bob) retired from teaching at $65000 per year, almost $5500 per month.  To attain that, I attended Public and High Schools for 12 years, University for 4 years, Faculty of Education for 1 year, and taught 30 years to retire in 2001.  In short, it took me 47 years of training and experience to earn $5000 per month.

Why do we think MLM should be any different?  In fact, it’s tougher, because we don’t get paid for our experience or credentials.  We get paid for one thing and one thing only – results!  We have to go through a lot of training and adjustment of attitudes and personal development before we can produce those results and see a check in the mailbox.

That’s frustrating for someone who expects to sign up Monday and retire by the weekend.  And it will be frustrating for you if you sponsor someone with unrealistic expectations.  They will be constantly upset with their lack of progress and will often turn on you or the company, looking for someone to blame for their failure.

Be sure you and your team all have sensible, attainable goals for your network marketing business.  You’ll all be happier, and happy people reach their goals much sooner with smiles on their faces!

Thanks again to Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter for the tip and for simplifying our businesses.  You can start having some real success with a few easy to learn skills at Big Al Skills. To sign up for Tom’s newsletters, visit Big Al’s Fortune Now.

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