Here’s another great insight from our favorite MLM trainer, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter …

“I have an opinion on duplication that makes people mad, especially those who teach duplication. You don’t have to agree with this opinion, but here goes.

Why duplication doesn’t work:

* Mary has a million-dollar smile. Whenever she smiles, people want to talk to her, and she gets a chance to share her business. But not everyone in Mary’s downline has this amazing smile. So should I tell Mary not to smile since her amazing smile can’t be duplicated by everyone in her downline?

* Joe hands out audio CDs, and then puts the prospect on a three-way call with his upline. But, some of Joe’s downline are hearing-impaired, and so are their prospects. So should I tell Joe not to use this method since it can’t be duplicated by everyone in his downline?

* Let’s say my sponsor is Alice. Her natural market is recruiting at the women’s Rotary Club. Can I duplicate that? No. I’d need a sex change operation. Should Alice not use her natural market? Of course she should. That’s her strength.

* Ella is a doctor. She loves to share her company’s products with her patients. So should I tell Ella not to share her products with her patients since it can’t be duplicated by everyone in her downline?

* John has an unusually large extended family and plenty of local relatives. So should I tell John not to share his opportunity with his relatives since not everyone in his downline is fortunate enough to have as many relatives?

* My friend Charles sells mailing lists. He has 10,000 customers who trust him. What if I sponsor Charles and say this, “Charles, don’t go to your natural market. It’s not duplicable. No one else has 10,000 good customers. Instead, use my system of sitting with your neighbor with a flip chart.” Charles would laugh in my face.

* Bill makes a driving mistake and hits another car. The owner suffers a neck injury, but Bill generously gives him some magic vitamins. The other driver recovers and becomes Bill’s best leader. Because this is how Bill found his best leader, Bill insists his downline duplicate his methods. Insane.

I hate the telephone, but I have loads of people who use it exclusively. I have people who use ads, use social media, leads services, party plans, breakfast clubs, referrals and many, many other ways to meet their prospects, and they all work!

Usually duplication advocates have another agenda such as selling you their duplication materials.

My philosophy is this:

Duplicate the results, not the activity.

Give people the freedom to choose the most pleasant activity for them that gets the job done. For some people, it is talking over a cup of coffee. Others enjoy talking on the telephone.

Now, if their way isn’t getting the job done, they have a choice.

  1. Learn the skills to make their preferred method work, or …
  2. Choose a different way to build the business.

We want to duplicate results (sponsoring and building leaders).  We don’t need to duplicate unique activities to get these results.”

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Bob and Anna Bassett

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