Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. Speaking from bitter and expensive experience, we have often and adamantly advised NOT to buy MLM leads.  You can read our advice in these articles:

“MLM Leads Are A Scam! Part One and Part Two.

On the other hand, if you have a system to generate your own leads, you can be quite successful. That is, if you know what to say …

Here’s a great article from a recent Big Al Report where Tom puts it all into perspective.

His questions are not just good preparation for calling leads, but great for getting ready to prospect anyone, anywhere, any time.

We get a lot of questions about buying leads in this group. Here is a viewpoint to consider first.

Mike Miller and I were having dinner, and our conversation turned to leads. Now, Mike uses lead generation effectively because when he gets a lead, he knows exactly what to say.

He asked me my thoughts on distributors buying leads. My answer?

I tell distributors to never buy leads until they can answer my questions. What questions?

Well, these are questions I use to check if they are ready to talk to cold prospects. If they don’t know the answers, they just aren’t ready. They will only ruin the leads. I ask:

  • “What are your word-for-word first three sentences?”
  • “If your prospect is skeptical, do you have at least five small phrases you will use to build instant rapport?
  • “If your prospect doesn’t believe you, what phrase will you use next?”
  • “What phrases will you use to command your prospect’s brain to listen to you?”
  • “What is your word-for-word close?”
  • “What is your best one sentence close?”
  • “If your prospect wants to think it over, what is your next sentence?”
  • “If your prospect asks for more information, what are your next two sentences?”
  • “If your prospect asks to go to a website, what exactly will you say next?”
  • “When your prospects want to talk about their personal drama, what sentence will you say next?

Now, if the new distributor can’t even answer these basic questions, why would this new distributor even want to be talking to cold prospects or leads?

The new distributor should not be looking for new prospects to ruin. The new distributor should be learning what to say first.

We’ll go a bit further and say that if WE don’t know how to answer these questions, how can we expect to train our new distributors in what to say?

Why not take the challenge, answer the questions for yourself, and let us know what you come up with in the comments section below?  What answers work for you?  What answers are you confident and comfortable with to pass on to your team?

Hint: You’ll find answers to all the questions at!

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