If Ponzis were not so harmful, they could be quite amusing.  If they were amusing, this one would be hilarious!

We first heard about Royalty7 from Rod Cook’s warning on MLM Watchdog, where he calls it a sophisticated Ponzi with a well written site, offering total return every 30 days of (gasp) 154% ROI!  And that’s only if you keep re-investing your money, sucker!  Rod says, “Go look but don’t you dare play their silly game!”

[Note:  As of November 1, 2012, we can no longer find https://royalty7.com.  What a surprise!]

When we visited the site, we were greeted by the amazing 154% banner above, followed by shovel after shovel full of vague info and ridiculous claims. 

The people below are NOT Royalty7 corporate.  The Royalty7 management are all blue, as we shall see in a moment …

Click to enlarge the pic above.  Apparently, the reputation of England and Wales enhances the reputation of these schemers and allows them to “buy and sell quickly and privately without being subjective (sic) to severe regulation.”  Their ‘constant alertness’ should be expanded to include listening for the sirens and the official rap on the door by the authorities.

You have to be desperate or stupid or both to believe that any investment will earn 7% daily.  We have always said that if it doesn’t make sense on the street, don’t fall for it online. 

Imagine going to your banker or financial advisor or any friend sharper than a bag of hammers and saying, “Hey, I found an investment that will pay us 7% daily!  100% weekly! 154% monthly!”

What do you suppose they would say?  Right.  If it doesn’t make sense on the street, don’t fall for it online. 

(By the way, no one has been brazen enough to extrapolate this to 1848% annually.)

Another curious click led us to the company mission statement and history …

This enterprise was established by a team of seven partners, six of whom remain nameless, determined to “conjure up” the best possible deals.  Now they can offer their service safely, perhaps because they are registered as an offshore LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the “well known and reputable jurisdiction” of England and Wales.  They are now inspired to go beyond their standard ways of operation, progressing forward (sic) into the wide web of endless possibilities in a healthy community with shared goals, minimum risk, exponentially maximized profits and quack, quack, quack.

They decided to open an office with no address, just a box number and no phone, giving Michael Solomon (who?) complete responsibility and the other six complete anonymity, and have managed to expend (sic) into other investment sectors like tourism and energy, all of which also remain nameless, and succeed in spite of the challenges and quack, quack, quack.

We went looking for Michael Solomon and the Six With No Names and found them on the Support Page, where we got a clear symbol of their unity of purpose and their sacrifice for the team.

The ancient Britons are reported to have fought naked, decorated in blue with woad.  These modern day financial warriors battling world poverty and filling their own pockets from their bastion on The Isle of Man have embraced this spirit completely.  They are ALL BLUE!

Inspired by this show of solidarity, we renewed our search for the Six With No Names.  Several clicks later, there they all were on the FAQ page!

We’re pretty sure that they too are blue behind those question marks, and we’re pretty sure they’d tell us their names if we just asked them, and we’re pretty sure we’d be proud to be working with them if we just knew who they were, and we’re pretty sure our money and our reputations and our savings and our family are safe, and we’re pretty sure that we won’t go to jail for trying to get an 1848% annual return on our AlertPay payment we mean investment, or trying to suck in our friends to get another 5% on their losses, and we’re pretty sure this is a great deal and just about to revolutionize the world by bringing 125000 plastic toys from China to North America.

Aren’t you?

If you are tired of this kind of scam and want to learn how to keep you and your friends and family safe from the never-ending supply of Ponzis and Madoffs in the world, read Big MLM Lies.

Bob and Anna Bassett
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