If you or a team member are anywhere near Toronto, don’t plan to miss this!

You’ll be amazed at how much easier your MLM prospecting and presenting will become when you and your team learn this simple network marketing skill.

Success In Sixty Seconds – How To Give A One Minute Presentation
Sunday June 26 2016
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn Airport East
$10 at the door
Open to ALL networkers!

  • Please join Bob and Anna and special guest trainers, Angelo Vidiri and Janine Cabrera for a skills-packed afternoon.  Learn how to explain your business and get a yes or a no in less than sixty seconds!

    You’ve created rapport, you’ve broken the ice, you’ve closed when your prospect says, “How does this work?  Tell me more!”

    Now what?

    *  Do you launch into the complete two hour company presentation complete with flip charts?
    *  Do you send them to the website to watch your company’s version of the March of the Millionaires?
    *  Do you hand them your tablet to look at a list of features and benefits and ingredients and company history and pics of the CEO and head office?
    *  Do you roll out your scroll of the pay plan and explain the coding bonus on the seventeenth level past infinity?

    If you do, they’ll be glassy-eyed or gone.

    People are busy busy and can’t spare a minute, let alone an hour to listen to you.

    Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter teaches us to save 59 of those 60 minutes by learning the three things that prospects want to know and telling them in under 60 seconds.

    It’s win-win!

    You provide all the info your prospect needs without boredom or aggravation, and you get a yes or a no in less than a minute!

    Join us for an interactive workshop where you will learn …
    *  How to get appointments with anyone, anytime.
    *  How to spend your week giving presentations instead of looking for prospects.
    *  How to eliminate rejection completely.
    *  How you and your prospects can relax.
    *  How to save time for yourself and your prospects.
    *  How to answer a prospect’s three basic questions in 60 seconds.
    *  How to teach your prospect a simple duplicatable skill.
    *  How to get a decision in less than a minute.
    *  How to avoid opportunity meetings and long telephone calls.
    *  How to stop doing network marketing the hard way.
    *  How to craft a one minute presentation for YOUR product/opportunity.
    *  How to teach your downline a simple skill for success.

    Think of it this way. Which would you rather receive?  A long, boring 20-minute sales presentation, or a one-minute presentation that correctly answers your three basic questions?

    The answer is obvious.

    Please join us and special guest trainers Angelo Vidiri and Janine Cabrera to learn this simple skill that will double your confidence and triple your team’s success!

    To listen to two free audio clips of Big Al on the One Minute Presentation, just visit http://bit.ly/bigalsoneminute

    There are two types of distributors in the world:

    1.  Those that know how to present their business in less than 60 seconds …

    2.  Those that suffer years of frustration, rejection and embarrassment because they rattle on and drive good prospects away.

    Make sure to bring your entire downline. They can’t wait to learn the simple skills to make presenting simple, easy and fun. It’sSkill #2 of Big Al’s 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers. (You can see the complete list at http://www.BigAlSkills.com)

    This is your chance to have fun and quickly jump to a full-time income.

    Some things you should know:

    Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
    Or call 519-377-1028
    Angelo Vidiri 416-880-5516
    Janine Cabrera 647-989-8379

    The cost? Only $10 per person to attend. RSVP now for this limited-seating event.

    Remember, most distributors are only a couple of skills away from terrific success in their business. Here is your chance to learn those skills.

    Please bring your downline with you to this important workshop. They will be glad you invited them.

    Bring your notebook and be prepared to take notes furiously.

    Now is the time to grow your business fast. Start building your sponsoring momentum now.

    Good luck recruiting and we hope you will join us!

    For more info, contact
    Bob and Anna Bassett

    Together To The Top!
    Bob and Anna

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