If you are near Toronto or have team members in Ontario or Michigan or Upstate New York, don’t plan to miss this!

Make Sponsoring And Retailing Easy with Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter!
Simple changes that will create new business fast …

Sunday April 23 2017
6 pm – 9 pm
Hampton Inn and Suites
3279 Caroga Drive
Mississauga ON

$30 via Eventbrite or at the door

Open to ALL networkers!

NOTE:  The Special Meetup Group Discount (see below) is available to only the FIRST 20 MEETUP MEMBERS and the ONLY way to take advantage of this offer is via Eventbrite.  This discount will NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR.  At the door, admission will be $30.

At this “Easy Sponsoring and Retailing” workshop, you will learn:

* How to get unlimited prospects with no rejection.

* How to get prospects to ask you for your message and presentation.

* How to get your prospects’ final decision in just 20 seconds (under the radar with no stress).

* How to conduct your entire business within your current comfort zone.

* The presentation secret that makes prospects love us.

Perfect for new distributors, and they can learn these skills fast. Now they can start their business without fear of rejection.

Make sure your team comes with a pen and paper to learn the magic words to make sponsoring and retailing … easy.

There are two types of distributors in the world:

1.  Those that know how to retail and sponsor the easy way, and …

2.  Those that suffer years of frustration, rejection and embarrassment because they keep on doing it the hard way.

Make sure to bring your entire downline. They can’t wait to learn the simple skills to make sponsoring and retailing simple, easy and fun. It’s Skill #4 of Big Al’s 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers. (You can see the complete list at http://www.BigAlSkills.com)

This is your chance to have fun and quickly jump to a full-time income.

Some things you should know:

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Or call 519-371-1028

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Yes. Each ticket has a unique scan code.

What is the refund policy?
Since this is a live event, we refund tickets only if the event has to be cancelled. If you’ve purchased a ticket and find you can’t attend, we encourage you to have a business associate use your ticket. It’s OK if the name on the ticket doesn’t match the ticket holder.

When can I buy tickets?
Ticket sales are open until one hour before the event begins (or until the event is sold out.) We hope this allows you plenty of time to join us.

The cost? Only $30 per person to attend. Get your tickets now for this limited-seating event.

If you are a member of www.meetuptoronto.com, you can take advantage of the special Big Al Meetup Discount and pay only $15!

Here’s how to buy your ticket and take advantage of the 50% discount:

1.  RSVP on the Meetup page to let us know you’re coming!

2.  Register and pay at Eventbrite and use the promo code you will find at

NOTE:  The discount is available to only the FIRST 20 MEETUP MEMBERS and the ONLY way to take advantage of this offer is via Eventbrite.  This discount will NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR.  At the door, admission will be $30.

Remember, most distributors are only a couple of skills away from terrific success in their business. Here is your chance to learn those skills.

Please bring your downline with you to this important workshop. They will be glad you invited them.

Bring your notebook and be prepared to take notes furiously.

Now is the time to grow your business fast. Start building your sponsoring momentum now.

Good luck recruiting and I hope you will join us!

For more info, contact
Bob and Anna Bassett

Together To The Top!
Bob and Anna

PS You can get a free copy of Big Al’s list of
25 Essential Skills For Networkers at:
Have fun with the skills test! 🙂

PPS  If you are a serious MLM Professional
and Business Builder, you will want this now …

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