We followed Big Al for five years before we tried his skills test. We couldn’t even get the wrong answers! Embarrassing! We’d been entertained but not trained by Big Al because we had not done our part – actually learning and applying the skills.

We used the test as a listening guide, and after a couple times through his CD’s, we now have a good collection of words and phrases that make prospecting easy, fun, and rejection free. If you or any of your team are anywhere near Toronto, don’t plan to miss this life/business changing session!

  • Sunday July 24 2016
    2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Perkins Restaurant
    Holiday Inn Airport East

    $10 at the door

    Open to ALL networkers!

    Please join Bob and Anna Bassett and special guest trainers,Angelo Vidiri and Janine Cabrera for a skills-packed afternoon.  Learn the simple words and phrases to build rapport, break the ice, present and close, all in a few minutes and rejection free!

    Here are some tough questions to ask yourself …

    • Are you happy with your prospecting skills? 
    • Are you successful enough to pass those skills on to your team?
    • What is your first sentence when talking to a prospect?
    • How do you avoid the pyramid objection?
    • How do you close without pressure or rejection?
    • What’s the best way to ask for referrals?
    • How do you plant a word picture and why bother?
    • How do you grab your prospects’ attention so they ask for more?
    • What can you say to feel more comfortable and put your prospects at ease?

    Most of you by now have attended a Big Al workshop or two, have listened to several of his skills training CD’s, or have read a few of his books.

    But how well do you really know the skills and how well can youduplicate by passing them on to your team?

    If you’d like to know, please visit www.bigalskills.com and download the free Big Al Skills Test.  It’s right beside the free list of Big Al’s 25 Skills.  Download that too!

    Here’s your homework:  Print the test, write your answers and bring them to this workshop.  We’ll all work together to complete it.  We’ll all come away with dozens of words and sentences we can use right away to triple our results and the success of our teams!

    Please join us and special guest trainers Angelo Vidiri and Janine Cabrera to learn these simple skills that will double your confidence and triple your team’s success!

    There are two types of distributors in the world:

    1.  Those that know a few simple sentences to make prospecting easy …

    2.  Those that suffer years of frustration, rejection and embarrassment because they rattle on with the wrong words anddrive good prospects away.

    Make sure to bring your entire downline. They can’t wait to learn the simple skills to make prospecting simple, easy and fun. This is a summary of Big Al’s 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers. (You can see the complete list at http://www.BigAlSkills.com)

    This is your chance to have fun and quickly jump to a full-time income.

    Some things you should know:

    Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
    Or call 519-377-1028
    Angelo Vidiri 416-880-5516
    Janine Cabrera 647-989-8379

    The cost? Only $10 per person to attend. RSVP now for this limited-seating event.

    Remember, most distributors are only a couple of skills away from terrific success in their business. Here is your chance to learn those skills.

    Please bring your downline with you to this important workshop. They will be glad you invited them.

    Bring your notebook and be prepared to take notes furiously.

    Now is the time to grow your business fast. Start building your sponsoring momentum now.

    Good luck recruiting and I hope you will join us!

    For more info, contact
    Bob and Anna Bassett

    Together To The Top!
    Bob and Anna

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    Have fun with the skills test! 🙂

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