Following the collapse of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme, Lou Abbott wrote a biting bullseye article “Are Network Marketers Really This Dumb?  Ouch!”

Our answer is, “Yes, Lou, and they are proud of it!  And they will defend their right to be dumb against all the evil forces of logic in the world.”

We don’t usually spend this much time with firehosers on InYourFacebook, but it’s occasionally entertaining and educational, giving us a glimpse into the swirly whirly world of scammers.  Not all scammers are Satan’s sidekicks.  Some are just stupid and hopeful, like Sandralala here.  It’s not her real name, but that’s where she lives so that’s what we called her.

As you read it, note how Sandralala moves from breathless enthusiasm to slight bewilderment and then swiftly back to retaliation in ad hominem attacks.  You have to admire her for not once lapsing to allow logic to enter.  Fasten your mental seat belt and come take a ride on the whacko side with Sandralala …

Sandralala:  Good morning BobandAnna,Thanks for the ad! I am sharing some great new’s you will have to check this out ! Just a another income stream to Generate more Cash flow for your primary Business watch this Video its Amazing! made 450.00 in a 12 hour period..  [url]

Us:  Hi Sandralala.  What made you choose this over all the other opps out there?

Sandralala:  Because you make 50.00 for everyone you sign up And 150.00 for every one that up grades there down load to protect there computer I am setting on 850.00 or more marketing on face book,and craigs’s a Aewesome oppertunity thats the video if you havent all ready send me your email because I have to send you a new link .for some reason it comes up wrong on facebook.

Us:  We’ve looked at this, but could not figure out how $50 could be paid out when someone pays in $6 to get started.  Do they pay you based on the idea that a subscriber will stay with the service for a year or two?  If so, are there chargebacks?

Sandralala:  This is what happened the first month was a beta test so now the company is giving you 50 for a 6 dollar down load and a 150 for any one that upgrades to the premium membership for [co].The Company is really big they have been around for a while and decided to give back to affiliates like me… its a win win…

Us:  Please slow down … How can a company pay out $50 when someone pays in $6?

Sandralala:  they just do…

Us:  They just do?

Sandralala:  they wanted to have more costumers

Us:  Would you agree that commissions are paid from the difference between retail and wholesale?

Sandralala:  probably … not sure but I can ask

Us:  Would you agree that many people think that magical things can happen on the internet?

Sandralala:  I dont care when I am sitting on money I just know that it works and no other company is doing something like this…

Us:  It seems like we suspend all disbelief when someone offers us a deal that would make no sense downtown.  Are you sitting on money or have you received money?  If you took this deal to your lawyer and told her that she could make $50 when someone spent $6, what would she say?

Sandralala:  you can either do it or don’t I was just sharing it to you I don’t have to be technical about it I just go our and market it…It will be in my Paypal account on Monday.  you either go out and make money or you don’t I have tons of affiliates that pay me residual everyday..  So its up to you what you want to do with it I am just the messenger!  Have a good evening if are interested give me your email and I will send you a new link … If its not for you then that is fine to …

Us:  No problem.  We stumbled into a Ponzi or two via desperation and ignorance, and we’re just trying to help others avoid the same.  Many people don’t care if they are in a Ponzi.  If you’d ever like help figuring out how your company works, please let us know.  We’ll be glad to help.

Sandralala:  Well I lost 60,000 dollars in a Ponzi also but you have to take risk with reward thats all

Us:  Wow!  You lost 60k and you’re still doing it?  The rewards in a Ponzi depend on the losses by others.  I don’t go to church much, but I’m pretty sure they are not preaching that now … Okay, we’ll be here if you ever want some help in figuring this out, and learning how to avoid scams.  We write about it a lot at  Sleep well …

Sandralala:  thanks you to.. let me know I will send you a picture of my check when I get or I will take a screen shot of my paypal .. you have to keep on going if you want to market and make money on line these day.. thanks and take care talk to you soon…

Us:  Wait a minute … you have not received a check yet?

Sandralala:  They had a two week hold because they signed up 4000 affiliates in 10 days so they are prossessing all of it..

Us:  Ah … haven’t we heard that one before … Wouldn’t you think they would have had that in place before they launched?  What do you think is the REAL reason they are holding your money?  How much money have you sent them?

Sandralala:  My money is sitting in my back office

Us:  So you have not received a check yet but you are promoting this to others.  How much money have you sent them?


Us:  So you have spent $120 and have not received a check yet … Still, that’s much less than the 60k you lost before …

Sandralala:  No,you need to stop trying to find fault look up the company yourself,I did my home work BBB ,and  I am not going to argue with you,your choice

Us:  We’re not trying to find fault.  You brought this to us, but you don’t know how it works.  I’m guessing that’s the way you lost your 60k before and now you’re doing it again.  It matters not to me, as we have not joined a Ponzi, but you might have, and it seems to have upset you to have your business model questioned.  If you don’t care, that’s okay, but please don’t pretend that it makes sense.  That’s how people get hurt.

Sandralala:  No,that was a realastate deal not a marketing deal.And it doesnt upset me its your choice

Us:  If you don’t care who gets hurt, then a Ponzi is the ideal deal for you.  Just don’t try to explain it to us by saying “They just do … “

Sandralala:  I am done,do your own home work and you decide.thats all I have to say…Its not a pozi I looked it dont attack me Everyone I know that is in [another company] is doing it.including [a scammer’s name].Sorry for sharing.

Us:  We’re not attacking. You can’t explain how $50 is paid out from a $6 sale.  That means you can’t present this to anyone sharper than a bag of hammers.  And it must make you wonder what you are doing if the business model would not survive downtown.  We have a strange respect for scammers who know they are scamming but really wonder about people who refuse to analyze what they are doing.  It’s like making a choice to remain ignorant so one does not have to face the reality of the consequences for those who get hurt in the scheme.  We’ve written a few blog articles about it, and we’ll give you the links if you care …

Sandralala:  Dont do it then ,you are negitive about everything I didnt hold a knife to you and said you have to join.  Stop I am donw

Us:  Sleep well, and enjoy the next sermon at The First Church of They Just Do.

Sandralala:  This is the thing, What you Focus on Expands and it seems to me that you have been taken. Now you think that you are helping people but in all reality you are not. you are focused on the Negative not the positive . I do not run my business that way. I help people with love and work through my spirit. You need to do some soul searching because your preaching did nothing but push me away .And I have become very successful by helping others get what they want and in turn I will get what I want.. the law of attraction.. Don’t come on my Page again and Preach your kind of Sermon. I do not deal with Negative people .

Us:  Hi again, Sandralala.  Let’s rewind.  You contacted us on our wall with your cheesy deal.  We did not come on to your page.  You sent us a message promoting a business opportunity that you can’t explain and have chosen not to understand. We believe it to be a scam and you don’t seem to care. You have confused our warning people against scams as negativity. If we can save a few people from getting taken, mission accomplished. Good luck with your law of attraction.  You may end up in jail with this scam, but at least your love and your spirit will be free.  All the best to you, Sandralala!

So there’s your answer, Lou.  Carlo Ponzi will be in business for a long long time because there will always be lots of Sandralalas around, ready to spread the great news about another amazing income stream where all you have to do is wait for someone to upgrade their download in an awesome beta test of a win win company that’s really big and has been around for a while doing something no other company is doing and all you have to do is not get too technical but just go out and market it and send people a screen shot of your paypal or a picture of your check when it arrives after an understandable two week hold because they are growing so fast but don’t worry because you can work through your love and your spirit and everything will be okay as long as you stay away from negative attacking people preaching sermons because what you focus on expands and I’m going to focus on the money I’m sitting on in my back office that I haven’t received yet for selling $6 packages that pay me $50 and then everything will be alright.

Don’t get sucked in like Sandralala.  Learn how to avoid Ponzis and pyramids by reading this free report, Big MLM Lies.  Your family will thank you.

Bob and Anna Bassett

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