PreLaunchGround Floor Opportunity! Prelaunch! Secure Your Position! Get In Now! Don’t Miss Out! Exciting Startup! This Is The Big One! Billy and Belinda Billionaire Came Out Of Retirement For This One! This will be the Best MLM Company Ever!

In case you didn’t hear the shovel clanking in the background as this load was being delivered, please think about this when you are considering joining a startup MLM company …

Check out the industry statistics for the survival rates of new MLM companies. We have seen estimates of failure rates in the first year as low as 80% and as high as 90%. Don’t take our word for it. Just Google it yourself to be convinced.

In his book Success in Ten Steps, Michael Dlouhy may be conservative when he states that 90% of MLM businesses fail in their first year, and 90% of the remaining 10% fail in their second year.

That means that after two years, only 1 in 100 startup MLM companies will still be around to send you a check. That is a 1% chance of survival.

Now picture yourself at the casino, intent on a pleasant evening of playing the slots. Or you could picture yourself on an online casino in sweden, if that is closer to the kind of activity that you enjoy.

Slot Line Up

According to a good friend of ours who loves to gamble in Vegas, slot machines can pay out anywhere from 83% to 99% and must be signed as to their payout. They love slots are play them regularly so they know them inside out! They also say that playing slots is a thrilling experience and when you win, you can win big, so it’s well worth your time playing them. If you don’t live near a casino, you can still play slots if you click here. It’s still the same game with the same rules, except it’s online so you can play from the comfort of your own home! Those looking for the best sites enjoyed by players in Finland may want to check out the list of online casinos over on to begin experiencing them for themselves.

So there you are with your bucket of nickels looking at one machine on your left that reads 83% Payout and one on the right that reads 99% Payout!

Which machine do you choose to play? It’s a nobrainer, right? Unless you believe in choosing by color or by intuition, you would sit down at the machine with the 99% payout. A much better chance of a big jackpot, or more realistically, you get to keep your nickels longer! The thing is, if you actually were to use an online casino such as this or other sites, instead of looking for a physical casino property to gamble within, you have the opportunity of playing many more games that can offer different pay-out rates, this can be just one of the advantages of gambling using an online casino! Make sure to do your research and find out what games you have more of a possibility to win on!

Which Slot

Now …

Think about how you choose the best MLM company.

Startup 1%

Two Year Old Percent

You look at Company A, a prelaunch ground floor opportunity startup, which is signed with a payout of 1%. Company B is two to five years old and is signed at 10% or 20% or 50% or 60% or anything over 1%.

Which company do you choose? It’s a nobrainer, right?

After two years, a company has a far greater chance of surviving a couple more years, and perhaps many years into the future to take care of you.

You want to build it once, build it big, and build it to pay your children’s children, right?

If you agree with that, it makes no sense to invest your energy, time, money and reputation into a company with a 1% chance of survival. Let others be the pioneers. You should be wiser and choose an established company for yourself and your family.

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