‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R. Covey has been sitting on my bedside table for eleven years.  For some reason, I (Bob) have never been able to get past about page 17.

I realize that the first habit is to actually read the book, but I get bogged down or my mind wanders or I fall asleep still holding my highlighter.  Luckily, we found a recording of his lecture ‘Restoring The Character Ethic’, so now I can listen on my morning walk around the fields.

The first quote that stopped me in my tracks was this …

“If you really want to significantly improve people’s behavior, change people’s pictures of their roles.”

Any teacher will tell you that you never really understand something until you have to teach it to others.  Covey explains that this shift from student to teacher is huge, allowing us to internalize the lesson, and change our role from follower to leader.  And he advises us to make the shift right away.  No better time than the present to move into leadership and lock in the new lesson or skill.

You can apply this principle not just for yourself, but for your team members too.  When you delegate responsibility, you do a lot more than just give yourself more freedom with fewer tasks.  You elevate your people from distributors to leaders!

Here are just a few things you can do to help people change their pictures of their roles:

  • Ask someone to host your team call.
  • Ask team members to share with the rest of the group what they are reading or listening to for personal development.
  • When someone finds a new tip or tool, schedule time for them to share it formally.
  • Form a mastermind group and rotate among members for a chapter a week of a good book.
  • Ask a shy ‘techie’ to help others set up their sites or autoresponders or make a movie, etc.  Not all recognition has to be public.
  • Put people together as much as possible to help each other.  One plus one is way more than two.

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says …

“If you have just one leader on our team, you’ll make a lot of money.  If you have two leaders, you’ll be rich beyond your dreams.  If you have three leaders, you’ve probably miscounted!”

Leaders are hugely important to your business.  Start helping them develop as soon as you can!

Bob and Anna Bassett

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