You can get charged up with Jerry DRhino Clark and slight edgy with Jeff Olsen.  You can max achieve with Brian Tracy and win with Denis Waitley.  You can get fundamental with Jim Rohn, and you can walk on fire with Tony Robbins.

And to make it all work, you can add one simple word to your vocabulary.


Look what happens.

I can’t do that.
I’m not very good on the computer.
I can’t remember names.
My business isn’t growing.

These statements become …

I can’t do that yet.
I’m not very good on the computer yet.
I can’t remember names yet.
My business isn’t growing yet.

Feel the difference?  The first four are full of  doom.  The second four are full of hope. “Yet” changes the statements from limitations to lessons to be learned, from anchors to adventures!

Next time you catch yourself or someone you love making a negative statement about themselves, just say out loud, “Yet!”

Please let us know how it works for you by leaving a comment here.

You can learn how to erase self-limiting and self-defeating thought patterns so you can move towards your goals with less stress, tension, anxiety, and frustration with “Creating Magic” by Jerry DRhino Clark.  Everything we’ve listened to by Jerry has kept us going for months and has helped us make huge changes in our business.  Change a few small things and achieve the success you deserve.

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