A good story or ad should contain:

  • A Catchy Headline or Opening
  • A Promise, Benefit, or Reward
  • An Appeal to the Wants, Needs, and Desires of your Target Audience
  • A Solution to a Problem of your Target Audience
  • A Call to Action

Here is a great example of powerful storytelling that transcends many barriers, including language and species.  If you can stop laughing long enough, note how Master Story Teller Klaatu42 appeals to his audience with:

  • A Powerful Headline – Food!
  • An Appeal to his Wants, Needs, Desires and Insatiable Canine Appetite
  • Popular Keywords – fridge, meat drawer, bacon, beef, steak, chicken, cheese, cat

Klaatu42’s story comes up a bit short in the Solution and Call To Action categories, but three out of five ain’t bad!

You can easily increase your success by learning how to tell better stories with “Stories To Help Your Prospects Believe” by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.

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