A salesman was going door to door in a small Southern town. On almost every porch there was a dog sitting or lying around enjoying the day. They would all bark to greet him as he walked by.

But on one porch there was a dog whimpering and whining and howling like he was in pain. Every time the man walked by, that dog would whine and howl and it just wouldn’t stop. He couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t wag its tail and bark like all the other dogs in the town. Maybe it needed some calming treats for dogs, or something else to help it?

After a while, curiosity got the better of the salesman. He walked up to the porch, past the whining dog, and knocked. An old man opened the door and asked if he could help him. The salesman said, “Sir, is there something wrong with your dog? Every time I come by here he’s just moaning and groaning, whimpering and whining. What’s wrong with him?

“Well, he’s actually sitting on a nail,” the owner replied. Quite puzzled, the salesman asked, “Why doesn’t he just get off?” The owner replied,

Well, I reckon it don’t hurt him bad enough yet.

The salesman offered some advice on pain relief for pets, such as visiting cbddoghealth.com for some herbal medication, then went on his way, his mind full of thoughts on this strange canine behaviour. He realised that it was reflective of a lot of the situations humans put themselves in too. Are you sitting on a nail?

Perhaps you hate your job, but it’s not really that bad. Maybe you could stick with it just a few more years until you retire a year before you die.

Your credit cards are maxed out, but the game is on and your buddies are coming over for a few beers and maybe next week you’ll think about starting that home business you heard about and you have a ticket for the lottery this Friday and it’s up to a gazillion million. That should take care of things.

You and your family haven’t had a real vacation in years, but staying with Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill at the trailer park for a few days is okay and the kids have fun at the MiniPutt, don’t they?

You’d love to bring your spouse home from work, but s/he hardly ever complains and besides, that paper route money comes in handy at the end of the month and everybody dies with a mortgage, don’t they?

You’d love to send your kids to that better school across town, but you can’t afford it and the bullies at their school aren’t really that bad and next week they’ll be bringing in extra police.

You’d love to have a new van for your family, but your ’73 Pinto still runs okay and it’s not that crowded and the rust hardly shows through the duct tape and who needs air conditioning anyway?

Your pants are getting tighter, but everybody widens out at this age, don’t they, and it’s easier to wear sweats than to do a situp and have you seen the price of a gym membership?

You’d love to spend more time with the kids, but the pictures they take at the daycare are pretty good and they post them on Facebook right away so you can see them at work.

You spend hours on the internet and occasionally think that instead of surfing you could be working a business but then there’s that crazy talking dog again on YouTube that cracks you up and you could watch over and over again.

You’d love to put a new roof on your church, but you can barely afford to put two bucks in the collection plate and it’s not your responsibility anyway so let some of those rich parishioners in their fancy clothes do it.

As a teenager you always wanted to travel the world, but those foreign countries are probably all dirty and smelly and you can’t find a Denny’s anywhere and maybe Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill will die and leave you the trailer.

If this sounds familiar, welcome to the International Order of Nailsitters! We all have things we should take care of right away, but the purpose of this article is not to spur you to action, although that would be a good side benefit!

The purpose here is to help you understand why your prospects don’t spring into action when you show them your product or opportunity.

As Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says,

Everybody NEEDS more money. Everybody NEEDS more time freedom. Almost everybody NEEDS to lose weight and get fit. But do they WANT those things? If they wanted them, they’d be doing something about it. Don’t confuse wants with needs. Look for the volunteers who WANT what you have to offer.

You can learn more by listening to Big Al explain the difference between “Needs vs Wants”.

To get started on developing a WHY that will help you and your prospects get off your nails, read this free report, Big MLM Secrets.

Bob and Anna Bassett

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