avatarBob and Anna Bassett are two of the best mentors in the industry. They ranked in the top 100 last year for a reason. They have hearts of gold which they put to good use mentoring ANYONE in any company no matter what rank. They have a wealth of information regarding Compensation Plans and share this knowledge to help everyone maximize the pay plan. They learned their skills from the very best, Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter (who was voted as top MLM Trainer 2011) and share these skills with anyone in ANY company on their weekly training sessions. If you need skills, Bob and Anna are the ones to search out and belly up to!  Thanks for all the help you have provided to Dave and me and our whole organization.

Dave and Darlene Mills, Bear River NS
avatarBob and Anna always go the extra mile to help everyone no matter what company or line of sponsorship.

Dianne Brodie, Luduc AB
avatarI've worked with Bob and Anna for over three years. They are two of most knowledgeable people I know in the industry and truly mentors with servants' hearts!

Christy Johnson, Dayton OH
avatarBob and Anna Bassett are not only dedicated and skilled leaders, but a lot of fun to work with!

Rhonda Loeppke, Kansas City MO
avatarBob and Anna Bassett are the top best mentors in network marketing. They really have the heart for anyone and everyone out there who want to make it happen. They are helping people everyday who are not even in their company. Thank you, Bob and Anna, for all of the help that you have given to us!

Alex Mochenyat, Boca Raton FL
avatarIn my 20+ years in Network Marketing, it has been very rare to find mentors of such integrity and teaching ability combined, as Bob & Anna demonstrate daily.  They are approachable, down to earth folks, who embody to me what Network Marketing is all about - servant leadership.

Matt Geib, Bonney Lake WA
avatarBob and Anna Bassett are the most helpful and caring people I have worked with since being in Network Marketing.

Karen Miller, Eugene OR
avatarBob and Anna Bassett are my inspiration. I'm not even in their downline, and they have helped me SO much. How? They listen to me and to all of my questions; they give coaching calls with me; they have team calls and skills training calls every week; they email answers to my questions. They are ALWAYS here for me and for everyone else who asks for guidance. They are such an inspiration to me believing I can make it my business, and they are 100% dedicated to the network marketing business industry.

Cindy Bergsma Manoske HI
avatarBob and Anna Bassett, you have my honest admiration and undying respect.  You love people and share MLM skills globally with anyone in ANY company on your weekly webinars. Thanks for all the help you have provided to me and our whole organization.

Maria Swindin Bystrom, Sweden
avatarBob and Anna Bassett spent two weeks of personal one-on-one time with me during August of 2011. As a result, I learned telephone prospecting skills, and now effortlessly make prospecting calls for myself and my organization.  Bob and Anna also host weekly Saturday training webinars featuring Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter's skills training. They are two of the most dedicated and best trainers in the network marketing industry!

Stephen Ray Porter, Hannibal MO