BrainWritingStoriesHere’s a fascinating infographic from at Daily Infographic.  (Click on the pic to enlarge.)

In her article, Lacy tells us, “Storytellers have the power to plant emotions, thoughts, and ideas into the brain of the listener.”

The infographic and that sentence caught our attention because Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter has been telling us for years that facts may tell, but stories sell.  People don’t make decisions in the conscious part of the brain (the size of a pea), they make decisions in the subconscious (the size of a hotel!).

So, it makes sense to have all our advertising, emails, phone calls and presentations speak to the decision making part of the brain – the subconscious!  Most of the time we spend listing logical facts will be wasted, as facts appeal to the conscious mind which has no decision making powers!  Weird but true.

If you’d like to learn how to speak to the subconscious, you might want to check out Tom’s training on ‘Getting Prospects To Believe The Good Things You Say.’  Big Al teaches us how to use stories to make the biggest sale of all – getting your prospects to want network marketing in their lives. If you accomplish that, it is e-a-s-y.

storiesLearn the grocery story that gets everyone to think big – how they can clean up in network marketing. Learn the missing Social Security check story that creates that massive ‘fear of loss’ that gets people to act now. You’ll see the imaging power of this story, and you’ll want to use stories every chance you get.

Listen to Big Al himself explain why stories are so powerful …

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There are many great stories on ‘Stories To Help Your Prospects Believe‘ that are easy to learn, easy to tell, and totally rejection-free.  It’s part of Big Al’s Package #1, essential skills for you and your team!

If you think stories are powerful, wait ’til you learn how to paint Word Pictures!

How do people think? In words or pictures? If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this means that if you can communicate with “Word Pictures“, you will be transferring information from your brain to their brain 1,000 times faster! If your prospect now sees what you see, your prospect will make the same decision.

You can learn the magic of word pictures and how to instantly transfer your vision to your prospects. This is better than an opportunity meeting and it gives you instant results!

Big Al explains why this skill is way above the other 24 …

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wordpicturesThen check out Big Al’s Package #2.  The Word Pictures training is in there, along with dozens of other simple skills that you and your team can use right away to double and triple your success!

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