In 1970, I (Bob) had the great fortune to travel to London England with a letter of introduction to Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.  Ewan is famous as the writer of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.”  Peggy is famous as the face.

I wanted to learn to sing traditional folk songs by working with them at the Singers Club.  I learned much more, because when I arrived, they were putting together their annual Festival of Fools, an evening of satirical songs, skits, and social commentary.  They immediately offered me a part, not because of my talent, but because my Canadian accent sounded American enough to be cast as a GI or US politician.

We were rehearsing one of Ewan’s songs criticizing the Vietnam war called “Our Boys Are Standing Tall And Proud.”

My solo verse began, “I met a guy from Texas, name of Billy Doyle.”

In order to fill the line, I sang, “I met a guy from Texa-a-a-a-as, name of Billy Doyle.”

Ewan interrupted me immediately and asked, “How would you speak that line?”

I replied, “I met a guy from Texas … [space] … name of Billy Doyle.”

Ewan said, “Good.  That sounds natural.  Sing the way you speak.”

I learned two important lessons that day:

  1. Be natural.  Sing the way you speak.
  2. You don’t have to fill up every space with your own voice.

So what does this have to do with network marketing? 

When we get started, often our sponsor will hand us a script and tell us to read it to everyone, including friends and family.  The script is not your own words, and sounds unnatural to your prospects, especially your sarcastic siblings.  You are now saying “Tex-Ass” instead of simply saying “Texas” the way you used to.  They will flee or roll on the floor laughing and have you taken away to the home.

When you read a company script, you are uncomfortable and so is your prospect.  To mask the discomfort, you quack on, filling every possible space with information and persuasion and your own boring voice.  You leave no room for the prospect to speak or ask questions, and at the end of your ‘presentation’, you are surprised to find them glassy eyed or gone.

It’s okay to join The Festival Of Fools.  It’s not okay to become one when you start your MLM business.

If you want to learn what to say and how to say it, you’ll want to take some tips from the best, the Ewan MacColl of network marketing, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. 

See what he can teach you at  You’ll be amazed at how smoothly your conversations will go, and how much fun you’ll have on your way to success in network marketing.

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