Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. Sam sent us his ‘why’ after reading MLM Success In Ten Steps.  He was holding back in his MLM business because of some doubts about network marketing.  Our reply:

“Hi Sam.  Thanks for writing to us. Here are some things we have learned over the past 15 years.

MLM/Network Marketing is just another way to deliver goods and services to the consumer. It’s sales. We’re selling stuff and selling the opportunity to sell stuff.

Most people distrust the stereotypical pushy salesman as someone trying to put something over on us. Most people joining MLM companies don’t want to become that kind of salesperson, so we make up all sorts of other words to mask the process – recommending, sharing, promoting, etc.

Rather than disguising what we do, it’s better to change our view of sales and ourselves as salespeople.

  • As salespeople, we find out what people want and help them get it.
  • As salespeople, we find out if people have a problem they want to solve with us.
  • As salespeople, we are problem solvers, not solution pushers.

If we think of ourselves as problem solvers, sales becomes a noble calling we can be proud of.

Now we have to learn how to find out four things …

  1. Do they have a problem?
  2. Do they want to solve it?
  3. Is it a problem we can solve?
  4. Do they want to solve it with us?

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says there are four steps to making a sale …

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Break the ice.
  3. Discover a problem
  4. Offer a solution.

Most inexperienced MLMers will skip the first three steps and offer a solution immediately, setting off the salesman alarm.

Big Al calls it “firehosing” – pushing a solution before identifying a problem someone wants to solve with you.

People make up their minds within the first thirty seconds whether they want to continue talking to you.  You can build rapport or set off the salesman alarm depending on your first few words.

There are hundreds of good personal development coaches and trainers out there who will help you manage your time and set your goals.  There are hundreds of companies out there with excellent training in products and services.  There are hundreds of excellent motivational speakers out there who will inspire you and help you change your attitude.  But there is only one person who will teach you the SKILLS you need to succeed.  That’s Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. 

All the coaches and motivators will help you become a better person, but unless you know what to say to a prospect in the first thirty seconds, you are roadkill, as Big Al would say.

Because we don’t know what to say or do, we hold back for fear of rejection and failure.  We don’t want to show up at the jobsite with no tools and no clue how to use them even if we had them.

To get started building your confidence, we suggest you visit, download and take the free skills test.  Give yourself a score out of 19 to see if you are ready.

Also download and print the free list of Big Al’s 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers and work through them.

If this makes sense to you, we suggest starting with “Needs vs Wants” and “The Secret Language of Prospects.”

There’s a lot of free training on our blog too at

Thanks again for contacting us, Sam. Please let us know what you think of our suggestions and how else we can help you.”

Please leave us a comment and let us know your feelings about sales and network marketing.  Thanks!

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