GlobeBuildingsKevin told his sponsor Sam he wanted to build a huge organization.  He gave the impression that he was a real go-getter looking for a six figure income so he could quit his job and travel the world.

Karen’s plan was to sponsor all her friends, then everyone in her city, then the entire country!  She wanted the best of everything – the best school for her kids, a new house and cars for herself and motorcycles for her husband.

Three years later, Kevin was still working at his job and the only travelling he did was to company events.  He didn’t miss a cruise or convention or regional rally.

Four years later, Karen was still on a good sized autoship as she and her family used every product the company had to offer.  Her happy kids went to a regular school, she was vibrant driving the same car, and her healthy hubby had no motorcycle.

Kevin and Karen had no customers and no downline.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but for Sponsor Sam who believed that he had finally found his ‘heavy hitters’, it was a real disappointment.  Worse yet, Sponsor Sam was tempted to pressure Kevin and Karen to live up to their original goals.

All three are glad he didn’t.

We’ve been just as surprised as Sam that not all people join for the money!  We’ve learned that people join MLM companies for one of three main reasons:

  1. The Products
  2. The People and the Parties and the Personal Development.
  3. The Pay Plan

Make sure you truly know why someone is joining you because if you get it confused, you could lose a business partner.

If you have one leader on your team, you’ll make good money.  If you have two leaders, you’ll be rich.  If you have three leaders, you’ve probably miscounted.  Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.

GoblinSoapMany people, like Kevin, will join a business to feel part of a team, for the socializing with topnotch people, or for the personal development that comes with every good company.

Most MLM products are excellent – some are life changing.  Many people, like Karen, only want the products for themselves and their families and have no intention of building an empire.

If you expect everyone to be builders, that’s YOUR expectation, and you are just setting yourself up for disappointment and apparent failure.  We say apparent failure, because having dozens of Karens and Kevins on your team is a massive success.  Most leaders dream of having loyal distributors or customers who will continue to buy regularly for three or four years or more.

People will say they want to build, or you may think they have said it, or you may hope they have said it, but you will never know what people’s true goals are until they show you.

When I started, I tried to turn the Twenty Percenters into Eighty Percenters.  It almost killed me!  Jim Rohn

Don’t ever pressure anyone into doing what YOU think they should be doing.  If you pester good customers to start building, you run the very real risk of losing them as volume.  After all, people joined you for their own reasons, not yours.  Welcome everyone into your business, make them feel comfortable, and let them be happy in whatever part of the business they want.

No one owes you anything.  Harry Browne in ‘A Christmas Gift For My Daughter’

If you agree with Harry, then everything that happens in your business is a gift and a bonus for you.  Ditch your disappointment and grow your gratitude.

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