This clip of Kenny Brooks left us smiling and speechless!  It’s more than entertaining – it’s great training …

Kenny’s patter lasts about seven minutes, and he could probably do half an hour without taking a breath.  He had to write it, edit it, and practise it until he had it smooth enough to take to the street.  Hours and hours of dedication and preparation.  Hours and hours of creative practice in front of the mirror, tape recorders, willing friends and family and family pets before he rang the first doorbell. 

He didn’t go out there and “Just Wing It” as many sponsors tell us to do.  Kenny prepared and Kenny practised.

How many of us put this kind of effort into learning what to say and what to do in our MLM business?  Imagine our success if we did!  How many hours did you train for your job or your position on the team?  Why not put just a few of those hours into learning what to say and what to do in your network marketing business?

Here’s a simple ‘magic sequence of words’ from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.  It’s not a script – just an outline of how a conversation might go …

  1. What do you do in your free time?
  2. Do you get to do that often enough?
  3. Would you like to do something about it?
  4. I can give you a complete presentation, but it will take an entire minute.
  5. When could you set aside a whole minute?

How long would it take you to memorize that sequence?  How much practice would it take before you are ready to try it out on your first prospect?

After thirty years of frustration, Stephen Ray Porter turned his business around by learning just one skill from Big Al.  Listen to him now!

This business, now that I possess a few rejection-free skills, has truly become second nature for me.  I am thrilled and having the time of my life. 

I now know why Network Marketing was so uncomfortable previously.  No upline was teaching skills.  They had not learned skills themselves so there were none to share with the downline.  Blind leading the blind. 

By learning just a few skills and using them enough that they become second nature, anyone can become unstoppable and can have a lot of fun in the process.  When there is no rejection and business partners are having fun and enjoying themselves, everyone looks forward to speaking with new people and the business continues to grow. 

I now know that my business partners will be able to learn the skills that will allow them to enjoy building their network marketing businesses.  Learning the skills and applying the skills is the best cure I know for ‘business paralysis.

For a list of skills that Tom recommends, check out  Big Al’s 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers.  More detail can be found at

Imagine what would happen in your business if you were as skillful as Steve and as confident as Kenny!  Start now.