If you lost money in  Zeek Rewards or any other Ponzi scheme, don’t think that you were the only one who got hurt by your actions.  Your losses affect your family, your friends, and your community.

Here’s an insightful article by Hope Lambeth of Lexington about Zeek’s effect on Davidson County:

Zeek Rewards Slows Economic Growth
Hope Lambeth
Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A solid month has gone by since the demise of the infamous Zeek Rewards, leaving many investors attempting to seek the money they invested and lost after being declared a worldwide Ponzi scheme. Since then, many investors of Zeek Rewards have had the opportunity to file class-action lawsuits against the company, Rex Venture Group, while others plan to seek their initial investments back and pretend it never happened.

Quite many would agree this ordeal has been a learning experience learned the hard way; after all, as the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true.” But while thousands of people in Davidson County and worldwide have lost significant amounts of money, it is clear that many people will be more cautious before becoming involved in another potential scheme.

But what made Zeek Rewards unique? Sure, it seems that every time we turn around, someone we know is trying to encourage us to invest in some type of money-making opportunity. Zeek Rewards allured large sums of people around the county for many reasons.

Zeek Rewards provided affiliates with hope for a better future; hope for change, stability and prosperity. Since the beginning of Zeek Rewards in early 2011, the unemployment rate of Davidson County has fluctuated between 10-13 percent (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics); that is higher than the national unemployment rate. A plethora of Davidson County residents invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in this pyramid/Ponzi scheme, hoping their investments would double so they could make mortgage payments, pay off medical bills and ensure a better life for their families.

Zeek Rewards was also unique in that it promoted a sense of unity and networking among Davidson County and other surrounding areas. Gaining a new member of your matrix ensured not only a way to gain additional funds, but also to have a line of communication that may or may not have been otherwise available. There seems to be a sense of unity when people join together for a common cause, and that cause was to make money.

Additionally, investors of Zeek Rewards saw this as an opportunity for a high rate of return for minimal investment. One explanation of this theory could go back to something we’re all guilty of at some point or another: greed. People who understood the Zeek Rewards system were under the impression that by simply placing their online ads daily that the profit share would earn “VIP points,” which would eventually become a paycheck for loyal affiliates. People truly believed that Zeek Rewards would be their saving grace, an opportunity to have the lifestyle that years of working in corporate America could not provide.

While Zeek Rewards appeared to be rewarding and intentions were good, it has undoubtedly slowed economic growth in Davidson County and affected an already vulnerable population. Perhaps Davidson County has not endured as hard of times as other counties in the state. However, Zeek investors no longer have those invested funds to spend in the community. Those who have lost thousands of dollars now have had to conserve their money and may not have had as much money to spend in our local restaurants, shopping centers and even in personal financing.

Not only has Zeek harmed social relationships, but financial hardships have provoked a level of frugality in the county. Many people throughout Davidson County depleted as much as $10,000 from their savings accounts and are now left pondering how to gain that significant amount of money back. Nevertheless, Davidson County has been negatively impacted by Zeek Rewards, making stimulating the local economy that much more challenging.

In spite of an alarming and quite disturbing turn of events with Zeek Rewards, a valuable lesson can be taken away from this by all. Before investing in any company for money-making purposes, ask yourself how the company makes its money, be informed and research the company so that you won’t be a victim of the next worldwide Ponzi scheme.


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