If we started a career or took a job, we’d be absolutely sure we read the contract.  We’d know all about our annual wage or yearly salary, and we’d know about our benefits package and retirement plan.

If we bought a traditional business like a corner store or a pizzeria, we’d find out everything we could before signing on the dotted line.  We’d see the books, and we’d know the cost of heating and cooling and the price of pepperoni and pizza dough and we’d know the minimum wage we’d be paying the employees.  There might be as many as a dozen people involved in our decision – realtors, lawyers, accountants, spouses, friends, financial advisors …

But what happens when we join an MLM company?

We get stupid, and all that logic and common sense goes right out the window!  We place the checkmark in that little box, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

And months or years later we wake up to find a termination letter in our mailbox with no explanation why.

The company has stolen our check and we gave them permission to do it!!!!

Don’t think it can’t happen to you, and don’t think for a moment that all companies have your best interest in mind.

To find out how to protect yourself,  listen to Bob and Anna discuss the red flags to watch out for in your Policies and Procedures BEFORE you join a company.

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