In MLM and network marketing, we get paid for one thing and one thing only – selling stuff.  We make the sales ourselves and we build teams who make sales and we all get paid.  For sales.

So isn’t it ironic that most people hate selling and dislike salespeople? 

Here we are in a new venture where our check depends on us doing something we hate and becoming the person we dislike.  No wonder so many of us fail!

Our view of sales is based on old stereotypes of devious used car salesmen or pushy and manipulative insurance salespeople.  They are old styles but are still being promoted today.

We were researching ‘closing techniques’ for our regular conference call on ‘The Secret of Selling Anything” by Harry Browne, when we ran across a promo for a training session by a well known and respected coach and motivational speaker.  We were shocked at the aggressive and violent language used.  Here’s some of the long copy:

  • These are 24 of the most ruthless tactics – kept under wraps for years.
  • It’s time to unleash your delicious revenge on those merciless prospects that have been making your life a living hell.
  • It’s time to deploy the most vicious, diabolical tactics you can find, turn the tables on them, and make them tremble like the squirming  wimps that they are.
  • Learn this outrageous closing technique that was developed by a team of psychologists at a cost of $250,000.  You can bet your last dollar that your prospect won’t be able to resist this!
  • Here’s a clever stunt that will take you only a few minutes to set up beforehand – but it’ll get your customer to close the sale for himself before you even finish your sales presentation.  This is so powerful, it ought to be illegal!
  • This easy-to-implement strategy pulverizes the defenses of even the most unconquerable of prospects.
  • Here’s a sneaky way of uncovering the real reason your prospect isn’t buying – and the exact words you can use to demolish the objection — and consequently make a sale.  This has a psychological mechanism that can make you irresistibly powerful in business, as well as in your personal life.
  • How to create a riveting sales presentation that makes closing practically irrelevant.  Your prospect will think he’s shortchanging himself if he doesn’t buy what you’re selling.  This strategy will allow you to walk in to see your prospect, and walk out with a sale in as little as 5 minutes.
  • The ingenious way of obtaining a verbal commitment from your prospect to buy your product – even before you’ve made your presentation.  This defies all logic – but it works like magic.
  • What to say upon meeting your prospect that is guaranteed to have him cling to your every word – all the way to the sale.  Don’t be surprised if your customer becomes extremely grateful to you for selling him your product.
  • Supersize your earnings with this devilishly simple closing tactic that will bring you a stampede of new customers.  Master this skill and you’ll have a guaranteed income for life.
  • The easiest way to master this seemingly innocent – but lethal – technique that will zero in on your prospect’s defense mechanism and demolish it instantly.  This works like a heat-seeking missile destroying enemy bombers.
  • How a self-made millionaire invented this irresistible tactic – this virtually eliminates the need to close the sale because the sale will close itself for you – like a ripe apple dropping out of a tree into your hand.
  • You can apply these strategies and be doubling or tripling your closing rate immediately, multiplying your earnings exponentially.  Unleash the 24 ruthless sales tactics now.

No wonder we hate sales!

We’re being taught that we have to be ingenious, ruthless, and vengeful, unleashing and deploying clever stunts that are vicious, diabolical, outrageous, illogical, magical, devilishly simple, seemingly innocent but lethal and should be illegal to pulverize defenses, demolish objections like heat seeking missiles destroying enemy bombers, turning the tables on prospects who are merciless trembling squirming wimps who make your life a living hell, and convert them to ripe apples dropping out of trees into your hands.

This is extreme, but we’ve seen countless new distributors fail because of attitudes like this.  They are happy with their products, satisfied with their comp plan, respect their management, and are keen to get working on their new financial goals.  But somewhere in their subconscious, they are carrying the garbage we’ve just read.  Their hesitation turns into fear, their fear becomes inaction, and their inaction becomes excuses and blame.

Sales is an honorable calling if we approach it in the Harry Browne way:

Find out what people want and help them get it.

Our shoulders drop every time we read those ten words.  We are in the problem solving business, not the prospect pulverizing business!

Instead of learning sneaky clever stunts, why not change your attitude toward sales and learn a few honorable skills that help you discover problems and solve them for people?

Here are two great places to start:

Big MLM Secrets will give you an overview of the network marketing industry, and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter will teach you how to triple your success by finding the volunteers in Needs versus Wants.

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