Have you ever wondered …

  • Why people do not stay with the company they have chosen?
  • How you can sponsor someone in January and can’t find them in March?
  • How you can spend seven hours training them in April and they won’t return your calls in June?
  • Why your newbie is a superstar in July and suddenly transforms into a vaporep in September?
  • Why you must continue to sponsor, sponsor, sponsor to make a dime?
  • Why you are constantly replacing people?
  • Why you can’t build a team that grows and duplicates?
  • Why nobody is sticking with this like you are?

When you finally sit down and admit that it’s not working, you’ve reached the crossroads.

You can choose to blame everyone on your list and on your team for being lazy worthless bums with no vision, or you can say to yourself …

I can’t invite one more person to share my failure.  What went wrong?

The answer is simple and sounds corny, but here it is:


Earlier we wrote an article about the 10k question taught to us by Michael Dlouhy.  It’s a great yardstick for the long term, but if you are interested in keeping people in your business for more than a month or two, you need a question that addresses retention.

It’s the Half K Question:

If I bring $500 in revenue to the company every month, how much will I be paid?

Five hundred dollars would be a good start to a business – your own autoship or subscription, perhaps one rep and a couple of customers.  If people start a business and put in a reasonable effort over a few months doing everything they’ve been told to do by their sponsor, upline and company, and at the end of three months they receive a check for $1.73, they are gone!

We’ve analyzed over 200 companies in the past two years, and have found a huge range of answers to the half k question – from you making $100 down to it costing you $100!!

We’re embarrassed to say that we worked for five years with one of those minus $100 companies! No wonder we thought we’d failed and no wonder people vanished as soon as they appeared!

We paid $1000 for just the business and training position and received nothing in return.  Regaining that investment over the next year meant about $80 per month in costs.

We paid $30 monthly for a website which should have been free.

That’s $110 in costs going directly from our pocket into the company’s pocket.

The pay plan was so poor (2% commissions!) that we earned just $10 on $500 revenue to the company.

$80 plus $30 less $10 = NEGATIVE $100!

It COST us $100 per month to work that business!  That’s more than just bad math.  That’s stupid and insulting and we don’t blame those who left us.  They were smarter than we were!

If you want to keep people in your business, make sure your company has a Half K answer of at least $50 to $100.  That’s a starting percentage of 10% to 20%.

Otherwise, you face years of failure and frustration, not to mention maxed out credit cards and remortgaged houses!

If you’d like to read the book that helped us stop repeating our mistakes, click here for a free copy of Success in Ten Steps. It makes sense and the price is right – free!

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