Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. If you’re a member of any social network, you’ll be constantly bombarded with invitations to try some miracle muck or join a life-changing opportunity.  Here’s a LinkedIn invitation we received recently from (we’ll call him) Peter Pusher:

My name is Peter. I’m a business entrepreneur that owns 1 company, trades on the stock market daily and working with direct selling. I was shown a video that changed my life and now I want to show that video for you. Best regards Peter

Before you move on, please read our article Big Al’s Four Step Sponsoring Formula.  Then make a list of what’s wrong here.

Once you’ve made your list, please compare it with ours and please leave a comment in the comments section below.

Bear in mind that it’s just as important to know what not to say as it is to know what to say.

  • “Hey!”  Peter does not even bother to include our names.  Nothing personal or personable.  Not the way to build rapport.
  • Peter talks about himself rather than about his prospects.  Count the times …
  • “My name is Peter.”  No attempt to mention ours.
  • “I’m a business entrepreneur.”  Who isn’t on LinkedIn?
  • “I own 1 company.”  How does that affect us?
  • “I trade on the stock market daily.”  How will this solve our problems?
  • “I work with direct selling.”  What does that mean and don’t we all?
  • “I was shown a video.”  More about you, sir.
  • “The video changed my life.”  Your life is not our life, and prospects care about THEIR lives!
  • “And now I want to show that video for you.”  That’s what YOU want.  How about what WE want?
  • Peter has not bothered to build rapport.  He is solution pushing, not problem solving.
  • Peter has not bothered to break the ice.  He’s just stomped through it, pickaxe in hand.
  • Peter has not asked if we want or need to see the video that changed his life.
  • Peter has skipped the closing (permission) and moved directly to pushing the presentation.

Big Al‘s four steps are building rapport, breaking the ice, closing, and presenting.  Peter has skipped all the important steps, has asked no questions, has not requested permission, and has made no attempt to find a problem we have that he can solve.  This is a classic case of bulldozing and firehosing (pushing a solution before finding a problem).

We don’t even know this person, but he’s assuming that our life needs changing the same way his life changed.  Peter assumes that we are interested in the fact that he is an entrepreneur, owns a company, trades on the stock market daily, and works with direct selling.  It’s all about him with nothing about us.

People join people they know, like and trust.  Peter Pusher has done nothing to build that relationship.

Here’s a comment from a recent Big Al newsletter:

The new distributor asked, “How do you know what to say to people? How do you know what benefit to talk about?”

For new distributors, this seems hard. For experienced networkers, we know what to talk about automatically. Here is how we do it.

People will only want to join our business if it solves a problem. So how do we know what problem they have? Easy.

We listen. People love to talk about their problems. Many times, the first thing people do when talking to strangers is tell them all about the problems in their lives. So all we have to do is keep quiet and listen. That is hard for some distributors who are eager to start talking AT prospects about their business.

The purpose of business is to solve problems for prospects, so we shouldn’t even begin talking about our business until we know what problems our business can solve for our prospects.

Professionals find this business easy because they listen.

Peter has given us a great example of what not to say.  For dozens of no-pressure, rejection-free ideas about what you could say, take a peek at

Make sure you’re a Linda Listener or a Samuel Solver instead of a Peter Pusher!

Please comment below with your ideas of what to say to prospects.  How do YOU approach people for the first and second time?  Please share your ideas!

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