MomKidsKitchenHere are some more MLM opening sentences from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter:

“We are always looking for great opening sentences to attract our prospects’ attention.

Try weaving these benefits into your own personal opening sentences and watch your prospects lean forward.

  1. How to work half days and get full-time pay.
  2. How to spend an extra three hours with your children every day.
  3. I show people how to retire five years early but at full pay!
  4. Take a six-month vacation twice a year!
  5. How to get $300 per month raise without having to ask your boss.
  6. How to fire your boss and start your own business.
  7. How to get a 25% raise and never have to commute again.

You see, when your first sentence is good, your prospects will lean forward, and then the rest of your presentation is easy.

Most distributors think that it is their wonderful presentation that makes a difference. It isn’t.  Prospects make up their mind very quickly, so it is what you say before your presentation that will make the most difference.

Try to create your own first sentences that naturally and effortlessly get your prospects to smile and lean forward.”

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