secretlanguageHippocrates did it.  Jerry Clark does it.  Michael Dlouhy does it. Dani Johnson does it.

But the master is Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.  When we listened to “The Secret Language of Prospects” CD’s, it put everything into perspective. Big Al teaches how to build rapport and break the ice with the Reds, Greens, Blues, and Yellows. This info changed the way we relate to everyone and it turned our business around. Highly recommended!

For more info, visit our audios page and start with Colors of Personalities – Lucy and Charlie Brown.  Click on the chart to the left for a larger version with more detail.

And here are some instructive and ever so clever limericks from our latest Colors Training Call.  You’ll probably recognize all of these characters!

Young Teddy was a kind, caring fellow
Who would whisper, not holler or bellow
He took care of his brothers,
His sisters and others,
His lifestyle was pure mellow yellow!

Esmerelda suffers derision
For her tedious love of precision
But this Graph Paper Queen
Carries on being green
And some day might make a decision …

Alexander was quick as a rabbit
When profit appeared, he would nab it!
You may call him red,
But just show him the bread
And get out of his way – let him grab it!

There was a young blue belle named Mary
Whose style was interplanetary.
Ever so chatty,
She’d drive us all batty,
And at the end of the limerick, she’d forget
What she was trying to rhyme, and …
What was the question again?

Stay tuned for the next four articles where we pass on Tom’s advice on how the different colors can learn to talk to each other!

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Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s 25 MLM Skills
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(originally published May 12 2010)