Here’s another great insight from Michael Oliver, founder of Natural Selling.  His article is called ‘A Pair Of Shoes and Your Solutions!  What’s The Connection?’

“No sooner had I picked up and started looking at a pair of shoes in a shop at the Airport last week, when a loud voice from the sales lady came from across the store, “Those are really comfortable shoes!”

Hmmm … was she talking about her experience with the shoes or mine? If it was about mine, I’ve never put them on, nor talked with her before, so how would she know? My defenses against being ‘sold’ starting rising!

If it was about her experience, why would I care? What she said next demonstrated it was about her, because her patter was to continue to tell/sell me something. When that happens, I only listen about 10% and my defenses become almost insurmountable!

Do you or your team do the same thing as this saleslady?

Do you make positive statements and assumptions based on what you think are the advantages and benefits of your solutions?

For example, instead of telling me that the shoes were comfortable the sales lady could have said, “Are you interested in comfort?  Because if you are, I’ve been told by customers those are really comfortable, and I can give you some background as to why.”

This could have perked my interest, a dialogue could have been entered into and possibly a sale made!

What can this mean for you?

Let’s say you’re at a trade show with your supplements and someone picks up one of your products. You could engage them and ask something like, “Are you interested in (preventing whatever your product prevents) without any side effects?  Because if you are I’d be happy to give some background as to why it’s so effective.” If it does apply to them, do you think this will warm them up to wanting to know more?

It’s not what we think that’s important – it’s what THEY think, isn’t it? And the only way to find out is to tread softly and start asking the right types of questions as soon as you can.”

 And here’s Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success:

Find out what people want and help them get it.

We’ve done several audio training sessions about Harry Browne’s approach.  This is one of our favorites.

And the best teacher of all for finding out what people want is Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter in his skill training “Needs vs. Wants.”

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