It’s important to recognize the four basic personality types of your prospects – red, green, blue or yellow – but it’s imperative that you learn how to communicate in THEIR language!

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Yellows make up 35% of the population, Greens 35%, Blues 15%, and Reds 15%.  That means that if you speak only your own language, you run the risk of creating conflict 65% to 85% of the time!  By learning a few simple skills, you can create more cooperation, and increase your success rate dramatically!

In this series, we’ll be passing on tips to help you speak to your prospects, no matter what color they are.  All it takes is a little adaptation and a chameleon spirit!  Let’s have some fun as we begin with some hints for the Yellows.  If you are a Yellow personality talking to a …


  • Remember the Blue’s main aim in life is to have FUN!
  • You are both open, so you are both relationship and people oriented.
  • You can stand close to a blue, and touching and even hugs are okay!
  • You are indirect while the blue is direct, so pick up the pace.
  • Move and speak at a faster pace to match the blues.
  • Increase the confidence level of your voice.
  • Be upbeat.
  • Increase hand and body gestures.
  • More inflection in your voice
  • More eye contact.
  • Use testimonials, even jokes.  If you don’t have one, ask them for a joke!
  • Stress recognition they will receive by joining or using your product.
  • Paint the picture for them – “Imagine people begging you for your weight loss secret!”
    “Imagine turning heads causing whiplash in your new Corvette!”
  • Be exciting and excited!
  • Be interested in their dreams of fun and travel and recognition


  • Greens are closed and indirect and interested in the FACTS!
  • You are both indirect, so a slower pace is okay, but …
  • Get to the facts quickly.
  • No family talk – it’s not relevant to greens.
  • Use only logical, linear thinking even if it hurts!
  • Be prepared to point to lots more facts.  You don’t have to have them yourself.
  • Greens will ask probing questions like “How long will it take to saturate the planet?”
  • Be structured and systematic.
  • Cut down on hand gestures and animation of body movements.
  • Leave LOTS of time for greens to make a decision.
  • NO HUGS!  Stay at arm’s length.


  • Remember that Reds are closed and direct and interested in MONEY!
  • Reds are the exact opposite of you and will require your biggest adaptation.
  • Speed up and get to the point.
  • Stick to business and get to the bottom line.
  • Make your point quickly and move on.
  • Give a firm handshake, but no other touching, and definitely …
  • NO HUGS!
  • No family talk and no pics – they won’t have any.
  • Be concise and businesslike.
  • Give them options so they feel like THEY are in control of the decisions.
  • Don’t take rudeness personally.  They don’t mean it, and it’s just their way.
  • Increase eye contact.
  • Put more confidence in your voice.  If you speak normally, they will treat you like a dummy.
  • Let them know what they will get by joining or buying.  List the benefits, especially money!
  • Occasionally challenge, but don’t argue with the lions.  They love to chew you up and spit you out as a fresh victim.
  • Lions only respect other lions.  Do not become lunch!
  • Outline clearly how they can reach their goals.
  • Provide options, not opinions.  If they want your opinion, they will give it to you.  🙂
  • Reds make the fastest decisions, so be prepared for quick action in your business.
  • Get out of their way, and let them go!


  • You are both open and indirect and will be completely at home with each other.
  • Resist the temptation to gab all day about the kids and the homeless and saving the trees.
  • One of you must be more proactive.  Take charge. 
  • Make a move.  Direct the conversation.
  • Remember your goal.  Move forward.

Stay tuned for our next instalment where we provide strategies for the Blue Personality.

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(Originally published May 24 2010)