Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. It’s important to recognize the four basic personality types of your prospects – red, green, blue or yellow – but it’s imperative that you learn how to communicate in THEIR language!

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Yellows make up 35% of the population, Greens 35%, Blues 15%, and Reds 15%. That means that if you speak only your own language, you run the risk of creating conflict 65% to 85% of the time! By learning a few simple skills, you can create more cooperation, and increase your success rate dramatically!

In this series, we’ll be passing on tips to help you speak to your prospects, no matter what color they are. All it takes is a little adaptation and a chameleon spirit!

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Let’s have some fun as we provide some hints for the Reds. If you are a Red personality talking to a ..


  • You and the Yellows are extreeeeeeeme opposites.  This will be your toughest adaptation.
  • Remember that Yellows are people oriented while you are action oriented
  • Yellows are not weak.  They are just different.
  • Yellows have the soft skills of nurture and support.  Reds have the hard skills like results and action.
  • Reds are left brained, Yellows are right brained.  Learn from the differences.
  • Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says that Reds think, ” Who are these people?  Eliminate them!”  Avoid this feeling.
  • Yellows appear indecisive and passive.  Do not stomp on them.
  • Be more people oriented for a minute.  Talk family and relationships.  It won’t last long.
  • Slow down.  Just for a little while.
  • Ask questions and let the Yellows talk.  Draw them out.
  • We need an army of yellows for support.  You lead and sponsor, they train and nurture.
  • Be patient.  Yellows will take care of your business.


  • You are both direct, but Blues are more relationship oriented.
  • Let the Blue talk and ramble.  You must listen.  That’s LISTEN!
  • Listen if it kills you.  It will pay off big time.
  • Blues and Reds are most powerful personalities.  Avoid conflict and the urge to control.
  • Blues have great ideas.  You put them into action for results.
  • Blues are more intuitive, so let them talk about feelings.  (You won’t get any on you!)
  • Let them tell jokes and talk about family.
  • Be patient.  Blues will build your business!


  • Slow down.  We mean really slow down.  No, really … slooooow dooooown ….
  • Don’t press.
  • Allow time for analysis.  Lots of time.  We mean lots of time …
  • Ask questions to get greens talking.
  • Provide lots of info, and more info, and be prepared to point to more.
  • Be patient.  Greens are worth the wait.


  • Be natural.  You are talking to one of your own, a fellow leader!
  • Strength respects strength.  Respect is not challenge.
  • You both want to be on top, so work as a team and share the top!
  • Lay out the options, get to the point as usual.
  • Stand back and admire, as a fellow Red will build your business fast!

If you have not started at the beginning of this series, please read our Strategies for the Yellow Personality.

If you’d like to learn more, the best and most complete info we have found is from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter in his CD Set “The Secret Language of Prospects.”

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(Originally published June 8 2010)