It’s important to recognize the four basic personality types of your prospects – red, green, blue or yellow – but it’s imperative that you learn how to communicate in THEIR language!

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Yellows make up 35% of the population, Greens 35%, Blues 15%, and Reds 15%. That means that if you speak only your own language, you run the risk of creating conflict 65% to 85% of the time! By learning a few simple skills, you can create more cooperation, and increase your success rate dramatically!

In this series, we’ll be passing on tips to help you speak to your prospects, no matter what color they are. All it takes is a little adaptation and a chameleon spirit!

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Let’s have some fun as we provide some hints for the Blues.  If you are a Blue personality talking to a … 


  • Talking about feelings and relationships is okay, as you are both open.
  • You are both right brain creative thinkers, so explore that side of your prospect!
  • Slow down.  That’s slooooow doooown …
  • Seek opinions as yellows tend to hold back.
  • Don’t talk so much!  Let the yellows talk, as you can easily overpower them.
  • Use less energy – get mellow.
  • Don’t interrupt – LISTEN!
  • Don’t give your opinion – LISTEN!
  • Give time for trust building
  • Be warm and sincere.
  • Don’t exaggerate!  You will lose credibility.


  • You and the Green are exact opposites, your biggest adaptation.
  • Slow down!
  • Curb your excitement.
  • Stick to the task, don’t wander.
  • Stay on track, don’t quack quack quack.
  • No family, no friends, no jokes.
  • Give info and lots of detail. 
  • You may dread facts, but learn to point to them.
  • Documentation Beats Conversation.
  • Be on time.  This is critical.  Be on time!
  • Be less animated, cut back on gestures and facial expressions.
  • Remember that Greens want to be right.  Let them.
  • Think before speaking.  Prepare in detail.  Be thorough.
  • Stay cool, greens are staid.
  • Don’t push.  Leave lots of time for decisions.
  • Greens are loyal and worth your time.


  • You are both direct, so talk as fast as you normally do.  Reds can keep up with you!
  • Reds are closed, so get to business!
  • No family pics, no chitchat, no relationships, no hugs!
  • Get to the bottom line.
  • You both have strong personalities.  Don’t think “Who died and made you God?”  Avoid confrontation.
  • Reds are efficient, competent.  You be the same way, even if it kills you!
  • Lay out options and buckle up for a fast decision.
  • Then get out of their way and watch them produce!


  • You will be talking to a fellow Blue, so you know one of you has to take control.
  • Keep the end in mind, take control and guide the conversation, even if it kills you!
  • Stay on track, don’t quack quack quack.
  • Two blues can go to a meeting and not know why you’re there.  One of you has to remember!

Stay tuned for our next instalment where we provide strategies for the Green Personality.

If you’d like to learn more, the best and most complete info we have found is from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter in his CD Set “The Secret Language of Prospects.”

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Orginally published May 31 2010