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(1) Policies and Procedures – Red Flags!

July 19 2008 Listen and learn about red flags in MLM Policies and Procedures

Read your Policies and Procedures and be amazed!

This call developed into four articles:

(2) Comp Plans – Roadblocks and Breakage

July 22 2008 Listen and learn about breakage in MLM Compensation Plans

  • The 10K and Half K Questions
  • The Binary and the Aussie Two Up
  • The Matrix and the Unilevel
  • Saved by Regulation Z
  • Money the company doesn’t want to pay you
  • Hoops you must jump through to not get paid

(3) Advertising Methods – What Works and What Doesn’t

September 25 2008 Listen and learn about advertising your MLM business

  • Home made flyers and door to door
  • Post Office and newspaper inserts and ads
  • Online methods -Direct Matches, Better Networker
  • Safelists, Traffic Swarm, YouTube, Plaxo, Facebook
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Filling the funnel with the Slight Edge
  • Sizzle Cards and the Three Foot Rule
  • How to get kicked out of Marshall Fields
  • How to get a phone call from Sears Security
  • How not to commit a federal offence in a mailbox
  • Push vs Pull
  • Roboform and other timesavers
  • Headline Creator and Headline Analyzer
  • Safelists, Craigslist
  • Top Ten Traffic Generators

(4) Getting Organized – Simple Methods

October 7 2008 Listen and learn about how you can get organized

  • ACT and other contact managers
  • Outlook, Outlook Express, Google Contacts
  • Let your PC remind you …
  • Roboform
  • Reverse Calendar – Click here for a handy Blank Reverse Calendar
  • Desk and Electronic Calendars
  • Save time with an autodialler
  • Sharp $30 Pocket Organizer
  • Plaxo and Facebook
  • Keyboard shortcuts

(5) Policies and Procedures – More Gotcha Clauses

October 14 2008 Listen and learn how to find gotcha clauses in MLM Contracts

  • Can I ever retire or take a vacation?
  • What happens if someone on my team shows up drunk?
  • Can I will my business to my family?
  • What does ‘bona fide training position’ mean?
  • Can they really steal my check?
  • Can they really terminate me at any time for any reason?
  • Why didn’t I read this before? I just checked that little box!
  • BOHICA? What does that mean?
  • Written By Lawyers
  • Do I Really Have To Do That?
  • Over The Top Clauses
  • What The Hell Clauses

(6) Comp Plans – Carrots, Hoops, and the $500 Briefcase

October 25 2008 Listen and learn about hoops in MLM Compensation Plans

  • A skinny carrot on a long stick
  • Jumping backwards through company hoops
  • What did you get in a bag, bottle, or box?
  • The leatherette binder and an hour of bad training
  • The 10K and the Half K Questions
  • How old is the Binary?
  • Spillover and Upgrading
  • What happens when the stairstep breaks away?
  • Front End Loaders and Garage Salesmen

(7) Colors of Personalities – Lucy and Charlie Brown

November 1 2008 Listen and learn about the Colors of Personalities

  • Lucy and Charlie Brown try MLM
  • A big lesson from Winnie the Pooh
  • Your car gives you away
  • Talk to the shoes
  • Could Archie Bunker sponsor Albert Einstein?
  • Could June Cleaver work with Eeyore?

(8) The Slight Edge – Getting Ready to Get Ready

November 8 2008 Listen and learn about How to Avoid Procrastination

  • The lesson of the hyacinth
  • Push WITH the swing – resonance in your daily life
  • Quantum Leaps are unnatural
  • Make time work FOR you, not against you
  • Doubt takes you out of action and the reverse is true
  • Compound interest works for bad decisions too
  • One good decision per day can make all the difference
  • Simple steps to success
  • A hilariously painful poem

(9) Five Pillars – Reinventing The Weasel

November 15 2008 Listen and learn about what to look for in an MLM company

  • How can I get my CEO out of jail?
  • Is it good to join a company in prelunch? (sic)
  • Are vinyl records and bustles a good idea?
  • Is a $1.73 check enough?
  • How can I find my sponsor?

(10) Compensation Plans – The Perfect Comp Plan

November 22 2008 Listen and learn about MLM Compensation Plans

  • Generations vs Levels
  • Get paid on EVERYTHING you do!
  • The Swirling Vortex and the Pulsating Pyramid
  • Arm’s Length and the Aussie Two Up
  • Will your CEO go to court with you?
  • Appealing to the Believians
  • Who’s that in my pocket?
  • The 10K and Half K Questions

(11) Colors of Personalities – Learn To Speak Prospectian

December 6 2008 Listen and learn about the Secret Language of Prospects

  • The four dialects: Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, and Reddish
  • From Hippocrates to Rhinocrates
  • Bad jobs for the wrong colors
  • Where do YOU sit at a banquet?
  • How do I talk to all these crazy people?
  • The Karaoke Test
  • Fluff, fluff, slam

(12) Advertising – Inexpensive Methods

December 11 2008 Listen and learn about inexpensive ways to advertise

Tips and Tricks for Social Network Sites and Local Prospects

  • Hotel Meetings and Meetup Groups
  • Making money from tools
  • Better Networker, Apsense
  • Blogs
  • Traffic Swarm and Safelists
  • Headline Creator and Headline Analyzer
  • In Your Face headlines
  • Hype, Google, TV Ads
  • The Magazine Trick
  • Direct Matches
  • Forums, Social Etiquette and Stricter Rules
  • Killing the Messenger

(13) Colors of Personalities – How To Edify Anyone To Anyone

February 7 2009 Listen and learn how to edify someone with the colors of personalities

  • Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues
  • How a Green becomes vertical roadkill
  • The Hug Test
  • The Talky Test
  • The Barnacle Test
  • The Family Test
  • How to edify anyone to anyone
  • Some good phone questions
  • Thorough or Anal?
  • Graph Paper and the perfect color

(14) Five Pillars – How To Spot A Pyramid Scam

Feb 21 2009 Listen and learn how to identify a pyramid scam

  • What to look for in a company for your success
  • CBC Marketplace Expose of a CEO = Crooked Evil Opportunist
  • Aussie Two Ups Operating at Arm’s Length
  • Corporate Success does not equal MLM Success
  • The True Cost To You of a Corporate Court Case
  • Vegas Slot Machines and MLM Companies
  • Where the Chicken Should Cross The Road
  • Advice from Jerry Rhino Clark
  • The $500 Briefcase
  • The Perfect Comp Plan
  • The 10K and Half K Questions
  • A Great Book by Harry Browne

(15) Fears And How To Deal With Them

February 24 2009 Listen and learn how to overcome fears

  • Untying the ropes
  • Standing outside the window
  • Agenda = fear
  • The Art of Handling Objections
  • Do I want a pole or a fish or do I just want to fish?
  • Jeffrey Combs and Don Nicholls speak out
  • Why is the phone so heavy?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Use fear as fuel
  • Harry Browne on “The Secret of Selling Anything”
  • What you can learn from your family doctor and the traffic cop
  • You don’t have to know anything!
  • Henry Ford’s pushbuttons
  • What lucky SOB is going to run into me today?

(16) Compensation Plans – The Missing Dollar

February 28 2009 Listen and learn about Breakage in MLM Compensation Plans

  • Misdirection and Sleight of Hand in MLM
  • Three traveling salesmen go to a motel …
  • We all live with a yellow wolverine …
  • Choosing the right wrong company
  • Check your pockets for hands
  • The $1000 Briefcase
  • Residual Robbery
  • Is your company in competition with you?
  • The internet makes us stupid
  • BUB = Broke Uncle Bill
  • When the carrot is skinnier than the stick
  • Papering your cell walls with company checks
  • All new brand new Perfect Compensation Plan

(17) Colors of Personalities – The Alphabet Song Method

May 2 2009 Listen and learn how to talk to MLM prospects

  • Anal Retentive or Thorough?
  • The Mother Tongue of Carl Jung
  • Color as a Crutch
  • Teddy Bears, Owls, Monkeys and Sharks
  • Avoiding Paralysis of Analysis
  • Graph Paper for Christmas
  • The Talky Huggy Test
  • Small Shiny Object or Sharp Shiny Object?
  • A, B, C, D, E, F, ME!

(18) Family Support – How To Encourage It

June 13 2009 Listen and learn how to promote family support for your MLM business

  • Napoleon Hill, Mark Yarnell, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor
  • Al Capp and The Boys Down at The Stable
  • Your Kitchen Table Board of Directors
  • Flexible Appointments and Family Photos
  • Pick your own hours – which 24?
  • The Negative Husband and the Nagging Wife
  • The Bulldozer Mother
  • Advice for OppHoppers
  • Setting Realistic Family Goals
  • Where did Mommy go?
  • Is your spouse positive, neutral, or negative?
  • Support you never knew you had
  • Is Dad in a pyramid?
  • Keep the calendar low on the wall

(19) Meetup Groups

June 23 2009 Listen and learn how to form and operate a Meetup Group

  • How to pick a location
  • The meetings before and after the meeting
  • Brand yourself as a leader
  • The Importance of Pics and Vids
  • Meeting Etiquette and RSVP’s
  • Give More Than The Cost
  • Promote But Don’t Pester
  • Build KLT – Know, Like, and Trust

(20) Five Pillars – The Empty Mailbox

July 18 2009 Listen and learn how to avoid MLM failure

  • Top Floor of an Empty Lot
  • The Bigger the Name, the Less you Earn
  • Was that James Brown at my mailbox?
  • Maple Street or the I-75?
  • Axe Handles and Eight Tracks
  • How to Buy Yourself for Ten Cents
  • Wrapping Your Money in Aluminum Foil
  • Who Pays for those Millionaires?
  • Advice on Becoming Invisible

(21) Colors of Personalities – The Limericks Edition

August 1 2009 Listen and learn how to speak to MLM prospects in their own language

  • Whose desk is the tidiest?
  • Who Wants to Party?
  • Who Gives the Best Ulcers?
  • The Huggy Talky Test
  • Throw Away Your Script
  • Teddy Bears, Owls, Chimps and Sharks
  • There was a Young Blue Belle named Mary …

(22) Harry Browne – The Secret of Selling Anything – 1

August 4 2009 Listen and learn about The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne

  • Prospects Are Neutral
  • Enthusiasm is Not an Asset
  • Positive Thinking is Useless
  • When Not to Provide an Answer
  • If I Had a Magic Wand …
  • The Lump in the Middle of the Road
  • How the Karate Kid Handles Objections
  • Recruiting the Turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Avoiding the Crimsons who say “Tell Me Yesor Tell Me No But Tell Me Now, I Gotta Go!”

(23) Harry Browne – The Secret of Selling Anything – 2

September 1 2009 Listen and learn some MLM Success Tips from Tom Big Al Schreiter and Harry Browne

  • Tips from Tom Big Al Schreiter
  • You Can’t Motivate Anyone
  • Choose Your Own Hours – Which 24?
  • The Overperky Parts and Service Rep
  • Introverts Outsell Extroverts
  • When the Going Gets Tough, Take a Vacation!
  • Where Did Bill Go?
  • How to Control a Conversation
  • The Boss from Hell

(24) Five Pillars – Lobster and Hot Dogs

September 19 2009 Listen and learn what to look for in a good MLM company

  • Are You In Competition With Your Owner?
  • Lobster on the Corporate Jet and Hot Dogs at the Convention
  • Who Pays for all those Millionaires?
  • Training Your Competition
  • CEO’s Will Reap What They Sow
  • Bill Gates’ Kitchen Table
  • Crooked Evil Opportunists
  • Is 475% per annum a Good Return?
  • Madoff vs Ponzi – A Classic Scamoff!
  • I-75 or Maple Street?
  • What a Bus Driver Might Do with a Meatball Sundae
  • How to Make Your Phone Heavier

(25) Compensation Plans – Do I Have a Check Yet?

September 26 2009 Listen and learn how to find the best MLM compensation plan

  • Go Direct and Buy Your Own Warehouse
  • Arm’s Length = Shady Dealings
  • Fat Cats are Thin in Support
  • Can Fred Astairstep Outrun a Grizzly?
  • How a Weasel Finds a New Henhouse
  • Pay Plans that are Beyond Stupid
  • Is MLM Different from Downtown?
  • The Floating Descending Binary Creep

(26) Harry Browne – The Secret of Selling Anything – 3

October 6 2009 Listen and learn how to listen better for success in network marketing

  • Eight Tips for Better Listening
  • How To Ignore The Green Hair
  • Turn Out the Lights and Play With Passion
  • The Mushroom Treatment
  • Holding the Square, Turning the Cast, Hemming a Skirt …
  • How Lonely is Your Prospect?
  • Secretaries are Not Paid to Listen to Your Problems!
  • Why You Tell Your Hairdresser Everything
  • What Do You Call A Leader With No Followers?
  • How Does the Nurse Know Where You Hurt?
  • Where Should the Spotlight Be?
  • Start Leading By Listening
  • The Magic Wand Question
  • Too Much Enthusiasm?
  • Don’t Give an Aspirin When The Pain is Not a Headache

(27) Business Models – Manure Without The Spreader

October 6 2009 Listen and learn how to avoid MLM scams

  • Policies And Procedures that Bite You In The Butt
  • Would You Buy That Stuff NOW?
  • 200 Greater Fools in a Hotel Room
  • Renastigators For Sale
  • Are You Buying Product Or Permission?
  • Do You Recruit and Run, or Sponsor and Stay?
  • Digging Up Customers in the Graveyard
  • How Long is a CEO’s Armslength?
  • Retire? Joke’s On You!
  • Reverse Auctions – Manure Without The Spreader
  • How to Organize Lottery Losers

(28) Harry Browne 4 – A DJ Learns to Love Dead Air

October 6 2009 Listen and learn how Harry Browne helped a DJ succeed in business

  • Listen or Hypnotize and Manipulate?
  • Everybody Loves It But Nobody Buys It
  • The Afro – Style or Savings?
  • Cooperating In Your Own Rescue
  • It’s Not About the Thing, It’s About YOU
  • Ten Sentences in Three Hours
  • From Coughing to Coughing and Crying
  • Free and Generic is Not Free or Generic
  • The $30000 Seminar
  • A DJ Learns to Listen
  • Dramatic Pause or Dead Air?
  • The Million Idiots
  • The More He Talked, The Better It Got
  • How the Navajo Converse
  • You Don’t Need a Script

(29) Harry Browne 5 – A Gift For My Daughter

December 1 2009 Listen and learn what Harry Browne taught his daughter

  • What to Give for Christmas
  • No One Owes You Anything
  • Don’t Put a Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Listen to Your Gut
  • Are You Still Beating Your Wife?
  • Work On What You Can Control
  • A Recipe for Failure
  • The Power of “Yet”
  • Round the Mountain or Up the Mountain?
  • What Keywords Are You Sending?
  • Tell Me Yes or Tell Me No But Tell Me Now I Gotta Go!
  • The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defence
  • A 12 Month Christmas

(30) Harry Browne 6 – Success At The Sports Bar

December 1 2009 Listen and learn how Harry Browne helped sell a radio ad

  • Avoid a Titanic Experience
  • Don’t Fall In Love With Your Torque Wrench
  • No Rejection, No Objection, No Failure
  • Get On The Same Side Of The Problem
  • From a $1350 Ad to a $5400 Tailgate Party
  • Performing Magically with No Magic
  • Be the Reins, Not the Horse, the Rudder – Not the Wind
  • All Passengers Arrive Safely
  • Listen, Listen, Listen!

(31) Harry Browne 7 – Listen, Listen, Listen!

December 1 2009 Listen and learn how to increase your success with Harry Browne’s listening tips

  • Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter Recommends Harry Browne
  • The Meanings of L.I.S.T.E.N.
  • Will a Tailpipe Fix a Broken Headlight?
  • Are You Asking Questions or Manipulating?
  • Santa Claus Selling
  • Hone Your Skills in the Dark
  • Listening Tips from Dr. Joe Martin
  • Avoid Fake Listening
  • Control Can Be A Good Thing
  • Don’t Take A Long Walk Alone
  • The Courage to Speak, and the Wisdom to Listen

(32) Jeffrey Combs’ Recipe For Failure

February 9 2010 Listen and learn how to avoid MLM failure with Jeffrey Combs

  • Lack of Self Esteem, Language of Lack, Poor Listening Skills
  • What’s Wrong With Me?
  • Interrupting Is Expensive
  • How Much Money Are You Making?
  • Asking The Wrong Question
  • “Who Is This Silent Critic?” T.S. Eliot
  • Take The Self Esteem Test At http://www.testcafe.com
  • How Damaging Is “I’m Such A Dummy”?
  • Blamie Mamie and Blamie Jamie
  • The Power Of “Yet”
  • Killing The Messenger and The Yes Dear Syndrome
  • How To Take The Compliment
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Poor Listening Skills

(33) Five Pillars – How We Joined A No Pillar Company

February 20 2010 Listen and learn how to avoid Bob and Anna’s MLM mistakes

  • The Rings of Saturn and MLM
  • Ugly From Either End
  • No Pay No Stay
  • How To Rationalize Drugs and Weapons Charges
  • Pyramid Timing Is Always Right
  • Cops and Ministers and Sports Heroes
  • Lost At Sea On A Pirate Ship Yo Ho Ho
  • Faster Than A Speeding Attorney General

(34) Comp Plans – The Binary and Matrix 10k Question

February 27 2010 Listen and learn about the Binary Compensation plan

  • Those Mesmerizing Mystifying Circles
  • The Three Legged Bongonian Binary
  • We Have Seven Ways Not To Pay You!
  • Ricky and Rita Retail Break Even
  • Can You Get Your Toe In The Shallow End?
  • Finding Fools Like Ourselves
  • Fun With Rep Support
  • Analyzing a Binary and a Matrix For The 10k Question

(35) How To Make Your Point In Thirty Seconds – Milo Frank

March 2 2010 Listen and learn how Milo Frank can teach you to make your point in thirty seconds

  • Bore Us In Minutes or Interest Us In Seconds
  • Dorothy, The Wizard Of Goals
  • Commander Scott Waffles In Antarctica
  • One Sentence Is Your Life Jacket
  • The Guano Lesson
  • Keep A Hook Book
  • Make Them SEE What You Are Saying
  • Do Not Speak Businessese and Avoid Jargon
  • Does This Story Have A Happy Ending We Can Work Toward?

(36) Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy

March 23 2010 Listen and learn 21 ways to stop procrastinating with Brian Tracy

  • 21 Ways To Stop Procrastination
  • Eat The Ugliest Frog First And All At Once
  • Activity Is Not Accomplishment
  • Deadline Comes, Deadline Goes, If You’re Lucky, Nobody Knows
  • The Law Of Enforced Efficiency and Creative Procrastination
  • Blamie Mamie Is Helpless
  • Tasks Are Like Salami
  • Uneaten Frogs Can Be Expensive

(37) Harry Browne 8 – Selling Is Communication

April 6 2010 Listen and learn how Harry Browne communicates to sell

  • Lee Iacocca Looks For Leaders
  • Firehosing Is Not Communication
  • Get Rid Of Your Oldsmobile
  • Ha Ha Ha Ouch Ouch Ouch
  • The Magic Wand
  • Ask, Listen, Repeat
  • Admit You Are Useless
  • Sales – Helping Or Tricking?
  • Keep The Spotlight On Your Prospect
  • The Less We Say, The Faster It Goes
  • Turn Off The Salesman Alarm

(38) How To Communicate – Color To Color

May 1 2010 Listen and learn how to talk to MLM prospects in their own language

  • How Greens Saturate The Planet
  • Don’t Poke The Panther – Reds Think You Are Lunch
  • Get Mellow Yellow
  • When Documentation Beats Conversation
  • The Joys of “Yes, Dear … “
  • Stay On Track – Don’t Quack Quack Quack
  • What The Odd Couple Can Teach You
  • Paralysis Of Analysis
  • Colors By Limericks

(39) Harry Browne 9 – Selling Is Easy

May 4 2010 Listen and learn why Harry Browne says selling is easy

  • Do They Stay For The Second Breath?
  • “I Don’t Have What You’re Looking For!”
  • How To Irritate Fewer People
  • Humans Stutter and Stammer – Why Shouldn’t You?
  • How To Handle “How Much Money Are You Making?”
  • The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defence
  • How To Maintain Posture And Professionalism
  • When All’s Said And Done, There’ll Be More Said Than Done

(40) Harry Browne 10 – Selling Gets Easier

June 1 2010 Listen and learn why Harry Browne says selling gets easier

  • Harry Calms You Down
  • How Did You Talk To People Before MLM?
  • You May Be Doing Something Unnatural
  • Then You Come Along And Ruin It – You Should Take It Personally!
  • How Do You Make The Sound Of An Egg Cracking on Linoleum?
  • What Makes Your Phone So Heavy?
  • Do Blues Have Ends To Their Sentences?
  • Would You Like To Do What You’d Like To Do?
  • Smart on The Street, But Stupid In The Meeting
  • If Are In The Convincing Business, You Are Out Of Business!
  • Are You Force Feeding Your Hostages?
  • Where IS That Potato Salad, Anyway?

(41) Communication Color to Color – Bob and Anna on Radio

June 5 2010 Listen and learn how to speak to MLM prospects in their own language

  • From Hippocrates To Rhinocrates
  • Speak Prospectian: Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, Reddish
  • Communicating With Crayolas
  • The Huggy Talky Test and The Rainbow Rule
  • Hesitate, Meditate, Evaluate
  • Tunnel Vision Is NOT Focus
  • You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going!
  • Money Makes The Red World Go Round
  • Colors By Limericks
  • Who Balances The Checkbook? Who Plans The Party?
  • Fluff Fluff Slam, But Don’t Poke The Panther
  • Documentation Beats Conversation
  • Stay On Track – No Quack Quack Quack
  • Avoiding The Paralysis Of Analysis

(42) Harry Browne 11 – Problem Solving, Not Solution Pushing

July 06 2010 Listen and learn how Harry Browne solves problems

  • How We Create Our Own Rejection
  • Enthusiasm Is Not A Virtue
  • Negative Thinkers And Introverts Are More Successful
  • When The Going Gets Tough, Take A Vacation!
  • Are You Listening Or Are You Just Waiting?
  • What Causes YOUR Headache?
  • We Are Problem Solvers, Not Solution Pushers
  • How Your Head Gets In The Way
  • We Want Their Light To Come On, Not Ours To Shine Brighter

(43) Five Pillars – Sandy Botkin’s Ten Questions for an MLM Opportunity

July 17 2010 Listen and learn how to choose the best MLM company with tips from Sandy Botkin

  • Manure In The Hotel Room
  • Learn How To Earn $21 Split Three Ways!
  • The Double Blind Placebonians
  • Six Months for a $20 Refund?!!!
  • Are You Selling Chevs While Driving A Ford?
  • How Long Is The Line-Up At The Emerald Store?
  • What Do You Do With A Vaposponsor?
  • If You Are Not Selling Stuff, Where Is Your Check Coming From?
  • How A Garage Salesman Became A Millionaire With Front End Loaders!
  • Why Won’t People Join Me In My Failure?

(44) Advertising – Hints For Headlines

July 22 2010 Listen and learn how to write the best headlines for your MLM advertising

  • How Did The Egyptians Advertise?
  • Do More Ads Mean Lower Prices?
  • A Headline Is An Ad For Your Ad
  • What’s In It For Me?
  • How Much Time Should You Spend On A Headline?
  • The Life Force Eight
  • Which Is Better, A Fleece Of Gold Or A Blonde Mistress?
  • Your Target Market Is Not Yourself
  • Tom Big Al Schreiter Loves Headline Creator Pro
  • Is It Better To Succeed Or To Have Success?
  • The Secret To Sending Effective Emails
  • Brevity Is The Key

(45) MLM Compensation Plans – The 10k Calculator

July 24 2010 Listen and learn how to find the best MLM compensation plan

  • Richard Dennis’ View Of Canadians
  • Suspend Your Disbelief! Join Now!
  • What You Find When You Don’t Know How To Look
  • Is $115 Per Month Okay After Five Years?
  • The Metropolitan Monticello Municipal Mankind Moving Motorbus Company
  • Treat MLM Like Downtown
  • Goals, Dreams, and Vision Boards Are Not Legal Tender
  • The 10k Calculator
  • The Big Money Comes Later. Is That A Shovel I Hear Clanking?
  • One, Three, Nine, Twenty Seven, Eighty One, Two Forty Three, Manure!
  • Are You Getting Paid On Alice AND Betty Or On Alice OR Betty?
  • Do You Prefer $10 or $700 Per Hour For Doing The Same Thing?
  • Do You Want To Join The Buck Of The Month Club?
  • What Do CEO’s Know That We Don’t?
  • Let’s Play A Game – Do I Have A Check Yet?
  • Are Your Company Hoops On Fire?

(46) Harry Browne 12 – It’s All About Happiness

July 27 2010 Listen and learn to find happiness with tips from Harry Browne

  • How Many No’s Can You Take?
  • Why Are They Doing What They Are Doing?
  • Is Helping People Selfish?
  • “You’re Negative And My Feet Still Work!”
  • Do You Enjoy Providing Unhappiness For Others?
  • Are You A Firehoser?
  • Do You Walk To Work Or Take Your Lunch?
  • Is Your Desperation Showing?
  • Resources Are Limited. Choose Wisely.
  • How To Start A Monkey Business Pyramid
  • Wanna Buy A Box Of Air?
  • How To Help Your Spouse Understand
  • Would Harry Sponsor A Red?
  • Where Does A Scammer Find A Coach?
  • When To Choke Your Dinner Host
  • Be Proud Of Your Agenda
  • How To Develop Self Esteem
  • You Want “Me Too!”, Not” So What?”
  • Learn How Tell When A Phone Call Is Going Well
  • Rule One: Stop Talking!

(47) Harry Browne 13 – Happiness Is Relative

October 5 2010 Listen and learn why Harry Browne says that happiness is relative

  • Why Are You Talking To Deaf Ears?
  • How To Get Brain Damage Jumping In Head First
  • Firehosing For No Fun And No Profit
  • Retiring With A Mortgage
  • If There’s No Problem, There’s No Solution
  • Security Or Freedom – Can You Have Both?
  • What Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, Michael Oliver, and Harry Browne Have In Common
  • A Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Everybody Is Somebody’s Relative
  • Do You Have Urgency Or Desperation?
  • The Most Important Person In The World
  • Where Is The Spotlight?
  • Years To Get Into Debt – How Long To Get Out?
  • Sign up One in One Hundred or Zero in One Thousand?
  • It’s Still Face To Face on Facebook

(48) Wayne Wu Interviews Bob and Anna Bassett

October 14 2010 Listen to Wayne Wu ask Bob and Anna Bassett for MLM Success Tips

  • Money Swaps and Ponzis
  • Two Hard Working Fools
  • Retiring With A Mortgage
  • Buying Yourself As A Lead
  • Inviting People To Share Your Failure
  • Why Is Your Financial Advisor Still Working?
  • Are You Making Money Or Collecting Money?
  • Does CEO = Crooked Evil Opportunist?
  • Do Scammers Become Better People Or Savvier Crooks?
  • MLM Should Be Like Downtown
  • Don’t Send Money To A Nameless Faceless Stranger
  • There’s No Line-Up At The Precious Gem Store
  • Spending $10000 To Learn How To Split $21 Three Ways
  • If You’re In The Wrong Vehicle, It Doesn’t Matter How Well You Drive
  • “No Wonder They Left Us!”
  • I Have Read, I Understand, I Agree, OUCH!
  • Is Choking The Best Way To Kill The Messenger?
  • Striving For Invisibility
  • The Myth of Willability
  • Get Educated And Get Out
  • It’s Your Reputation At Stake
  • Lead With Education, Not Manipulation
  • Read Wayne’s Article at ProfitableNetworker.com

(49) Harry Browne 14 – How Men Profit

November 2 2010 Listen and learn to increase your MLM income with profit tips from Harry Browne

  • Drop Your Shoulders And Avoid Rejection
  • Let Go Of The Outcome To Increase Your Income
  • Win Win Or No Deal
  • Socrates Did Not Use Tacky Techniques
  • Avoid Objections By Not Raising Them
  • Questions Mean Communication
  • Would You Like To Do Something About It?
  • Don’t Die Broke And Homeless!
  • Are You Sorting Or Irritating?
  • In Your Facebook! Firehoser Heaven!
  • The Tale Of The New Dolly

(50) Harry Browne 15 – Make The Most Of The Holidays

November 2 2010 Listen and learn how to make the most of the holidays with tips from Harry Browne

  • We ARE In Sales! Be Proud And Do It Right!
  • Michael Oliver: How To Make The Most Of The Holiday Season
  • Don’t Firehose The Christmas Party
  • Big Al’s “Pass The Peas” Method
  • Fact, Fact, Small Bit Of Info
  • Are You Problem Solving Or Solution Pushing?
  • If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer …
  • A Good Question Asker Is A Good Listener
  • Don’t Beat Me With Your Script!
  • If We Could Wave A Magic Wand …
  • Are Thank You Notes Dead?
  • When To Head For The Punch Bowl
  • Your Business Cards On The Floor – Ouch!
  • If It’s Not Your Party, Shut Up!
  • Harry Browne’s Christmas Gift To His Daughter
  • Nobody Owes You Anything

(51) Harry Browne 16 – Michael Oliver On The Ski Lift

January 4 2011 Listen and learn to listen the Michael Oliver way

  • That’s All? Two Minutes Out Of Ten?
  • People Are Inexplicable. Or Are They?
  • Approach The Iceberg Carefully
  • Leave Your Ego At The Bottom Of The Ski Lift
  • Oops! Did You Actually WANT To Watch This Video?
  • Bothering Beth In Her Backyard
  • Solutions For Problems That Don’t Exist
  • If A Screwdriver Is Needed, Don’t Bring Out The Welder
  • No Thanks, I Prefer To Keep On Complaining.
  • Big Al Plants A Time Bomb
  • Help Your Kids Learn How To Listen
  • Teachers Are Better Than Sleeping Pills
  • Blues Aren’t The Only Multitaskers
  • Scripts Are Pigeon Holes

(52) Harry Browne 17 – Types of Questions To Ask

February 1 2011 Listen and learn from Harry Browne the best questions to ask your MLM prospects

  • Is It Really Dog Eat Dog?
  • Theft Is Unnecessary
  • If You Want A Good Answer, Ask A Good Question
  • Selling Is Merely Influencing The Outcome
  • ‘People Helping People’ Is More Than A Clever Saying
  • Funnel Questions Are For Detectives
  • Emotions First, Then Logic
  • What Do Professional Pointers Point To?
  • Are Leading Questions Manipulative?
  • Do You Prefer A or B? What Happened to C?
  • How To Calm A Cranky Customer
  • Loverage!
  • Don’t Be Elsewhere
  • Nervous Is Natural
  • Role Playing or Wolfgang? Wha?
  • You Have To WANT To
  • Your Color Is Not A Crutch
  • Make A Help List, Not A Hit List

(53) Harry Browne 18 – Profit Is A Reward

March 1 2011 Listen and learn why Harry Browne says that profit in MLM is a reward

  • It’s Gotta Be Win Win
  • Profit Is A Reward For Satisfying The Desires Of Others
  • Christopher Columbus Was A Great Salesman
  • Sell With Pride – Zig Ziglar
  • They Throw It, I Hit It. They Hit it, I Catch It – Willie Mays
  • Hit The Ball Hard, Go Find It, Hit It Again – Jack Nicklaus’ Father
  • Go Fast, Turn Left. Keep It Simple at The Indy 500
  • Harry Browne Is The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Throw Your Scripts Out The Window
  • Was That A Conversation Or A Flow Chart?
  • Don’t Open The Garage Doors Until You Know Your Toolchest
  • Don’t Fix The Windshield If The Lug Nuts Are Loose
  • Fun With Firehosers On InYourFacebook

(54) Colors of Personalities – Do’s And Don’ts

March 5 2011 Listen and learn how to talk to your MLM prospects in their own language

  • Learn To Speak Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, Reddish
  • The Huggy Talky Test
  • June Cleaver, Mr. Muggs, Mr. Spock, and Donald Trump
  • Can You Hug An Owl Or A Shark?
  • The Spare Time Test
  • Stay Mellow For The Yellow
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm And Don’t Be Late
  • Documentation Beats Conversation
  • Don’t Poke The Panther – You’ll Become Lunch!
  • Full Steam Ahead And Get The Whiners Belowdecks
  • Quack, Quack Quack – Stay On Track
  • Fluff, Fluff, Slam!
  • Felix Unger And Oscar Madison
  • What Was The Question Again?

(55) John Earl Shoaff – The Law of Attraction 1961

March 15 2011 Listen and learn about The Law of Attraction from John Earl Shoaff

  • Law of Attraction from Plato to Newton
  • Jim Rohn – $57/wk to Multimillionaire
  • How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life
  • Burn Your Home Down Or Light Your Home Up
  • Gravity And The Saint, Gravity And The Sinner
  • You Attracted Those Distributors – Don’t Blame Me!
  • It Has Nothing To Do With Affording It.
  • Plant The Seed And Say “Thank You!”
  • The Law Of Attraction Is The Law Of Expectancy
  • Are You Ready For Your ’62 Cadillac?
  • You May Have To Plant Your Seeds Privately
  • Dreamboarding To Egypt

(56) Story Telling With Tom Paredes

March 19 2011 Listen to Tom Paredes teach you how to tell stories and increase your MLM success

  • “The Little Room” in Brownsville
  • Tacos In The Lunch Room
  • An Ornamental Horticulturist In The Marines
  • My Grey Polyester Bell Bottomed Suit At The Mall
  • If You Join Me, We’ll Be Two
  • “I Don’t Know What My Dad Does”
  • Big Al Recommends A Dodge Colt
  • We Move People, Not Product
  • Our Number One Product Is Freedom
  • The Three Main Reasons Why People Quit
  • The Four Core Values
  • Manuel At The Meat Market
  • The Bird In The Hand And The Black Balloon
  • Letitia Speaks From The Heart
  • A Lesson From Typing Class
  • Reduce Your Dream Or Increase Your Income
  • Tell Your Story With Passion
  • If you’ve heard Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter praise his mentors,you’ll have heard of Tom Paredes. He’s built a huge organization,mainly with his great skills on the phone. You can hear Big Alinterview him here at http://www.BigAlsPhoneTips.com
  • Download a free transcript of the interview at … https://togethertothetop.com/?page_id=238

f you’ve heard Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter praise his mentors, you’ll have heard of Tom Paredes. He’s built a huge organization, mainly with his great skills

on the phone. You can hear Big Al interview him here at …


Download a free transcript of the interview at …


(57) “Tell To Win” by Peter Guber

March 29 2011 Listen to Peter Guber teach you how to “tell to win”

  • We Are Hard Wired For Stories
  • Get Face To Face And Breathe The Same Air
  • From Prey To Predator? How Did We Do That?
  • State Of The Heart Technology
  • The Meaning Of M.A.G.I.C.
  • What’s In It For THEM?
  • Be Participants, Not Passengers
  • Be Active In Your Own Rescue
  • The Emotional Transportation Business
  • Fun With Telemarketers
  • What Television Did To Ireland

(58) Harry Browne 19 – Please The Consumer

April 5 2011 Listen to Harry Browne teach you how to please the consumer

  • Consumption Is The Goal
  • Profits On A Desert Island
  • Your Costs Don’t Matter To HIM!
  • 100 Top Words For Your Job Satisfaction
  • Want Some Story With Those Stats?
  • Are Sponsors Heartless Or Incompetent?
  • Fear Takes You Out Of Action. Action Takes You Out Of Fear
  • The First Twenty Seconds

(59) Richard Dennis – Entrepreneur By Default

January 5 2011 Listen to Richard Dennis for excellent MLM Success tips

  • Circles And Sticks In ’76
  • An Entrepreneur By Default
  • A Quote Tracker On My Bus Dashboard
  • Beware ‘Commodities Man’!
  • Tomato Warning
  • Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
  • A Degree In College Hours
  • Learning To Research In Flossmoor Illinois
  • It Never Occurred To Me To Contact A Lawyer
  • All Kinds Of Supervisors At The Miami Herald
  • His Voice But My Headline
  • Why Is This Letter So Cheerful?
  • It Never Occurred To Me To Read My Contract
  • Business Is Different From Friendship
  • It’s Not The Product, It’s The People
  • Learn To Write
  • Protect Yourself – Do Your Due Diligence

(60) Harry Browne 20 – What Are We Selling?

May 3 2011 Listen to Harry Browne asking what we are selling in MLM

  • Is It A Solution If There’s No Problem?
  • Crouching In The Bushes on InYourFacebook
  • The $500 Cadillac
  • How Prospects Get Along Without You
  • Putting A Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Jimmy Dick’s 100% Success Rate
  • The Comfy Complainer
  • How To Deal With Vampires

(61) Andrea Scott Interviews Bob and Anna Bassett

May 8 2011 Listen to Andrea Scott interview Bob and Anna Bassett on MLM Failure and MLM Success!

  • The Broke Financial Advisor
  • A Job Dooms You
  • Know Like And Trust is NOT Due Diligence – Joke’s On You!
  • Jump In Head First And Get Brain Damage
  • Hard Work + No Skills = Failure
  • If You Are In The Wrong Vehicle, It Doesn’t Matter How Well You Drive
  • Our Lawyer Called Us Nuts
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