Michael Dlouhy is the founder of Mentoring For Free and the author of Success in Ten Steps, Powerful Networking Secrets, and The 35 Biggest Mistakes in MLM.

We thank him for inviting us to join him in an expose of the biggest scam being perpetrated on the MLM industry today – buying leads!

Michael challenges any leads vendor to prove that their system is duplicatable.  So far, no leads company has shown him a downline six deep or even two deep that has been built by buying and calling leads.  It’s not duplicatable and it does not work.  The only people profiting from the scam are the people harvesting and selling names and email addresses.

To find out how Michael has taught us to generate our own leads, click on this link: Generate Your Own MLM Leads.

Over a period of 11 months in the early part of our career, we spent $11000 on leads, maxed out our credit cards twice, and remortgaged our home. We made a hundred calls per day, talking to people who had no clue why we were calling or how we got their names. We talked to cats, cons, corpses, and casino casanovas. Many of the actual humans were abusive and rude, and thought nothing of swearing at us or hanging up on us.

In our best month, we sponsored 14 people and could not find them the next week – vaporeps!  The company itself was amazed that their system worked, and interviewed us as heroes!

We made no money at all from the leads, but spent plenty.

The most infuriating part was to discover that our sponsor made large commissions from our purchases in a free for three program, and was not even using the leads himself! He also admitted that the only reason he was in the leads program was for the business opportunity. That meant that he had encouraged us to sign up for a useless program just to make money from us!

We can go on about how that kind of program turns us all into vultures among our colleagues, but it’s enough to say that if you find yourself trying to make money by selling tools, especially tools that don’t work, you are making a huge mistake and are doomed to failure with a dubious reputation.

We hope our story will help you avoid this huge scam that continues to plague our industry.

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