From 2000 to 2004, we bought thousands and thousands of MLM leads from at least nine different vendors. We spent $11000 in 11 months, and $21000 in total over five years. We made no money then, and we have no residual income today from buying and contacting those leads. (See part 1)

Inspired by the recent controversy over MLM leads initiated by Michael Dlouhy, we thought it would be interesting to see what the leads vendors are offering now, and compare their claims with our experience. Below, in random order, are some screenshots from the websites of popular MLM Leads suppliers, along with our comments from the real world.


Three Per Day

We bought leads ranging from one cent to $5 each. The $5 leads were higher quality – they could make complete sentences without drooling as they swore at us, and they could hang up on us without breaking their phone or their fingers.


100 Per Month

When a company makes a claim like this, ask for proof. We called hundreds of people every day, and the best we ever did was 14 new reps in one month, and we could not find any of them the next week. Our vendor at the time was amazed, and told us we had broken all their records and asked us to provide a testimonial. So much for claims of 100 per month!


We have piles of cd’s and tapes and booklets left over from those days, none of which worked for us. Most are designed to treat people like numbers or robots to listen to you read a script over the phone if you can ever find anyone home or not in jail.

Our friend Daniela was taught by her leads vendor to say “Tell me yes or tell me no, but tell me now, I gotta go!”


545 Each

This is the most we ever paid, but we know people who have paid $15 to $20 per lead with the same results – zero.


Below Wholesale Imagine the quality of these leads. They are meant to be thrown into an auto responder and fired out by the thousands or hundreds of thousands. If you believe that network marketing is a relationship building process, you’ll know how successful you will be with this kind of campaign. You might also ask how reproducible this is.


Count and Spell

Building a downline is easy! Just follow the four easy steps in this three step program … wait a minute …

If, after all this, you still decide to buy leads, make sure you choose one that can count and spell.


DrovesMost “heavy hitters” we’ve met are red personalities, and not likely to sit together, let alone travel together, and certainly not in droves. If you can get along with a heavy hitter, congratulations, but it’s better and longer lasting to build your leaders from within.


Endless StreamBefore watching this video, make sure your door is well constructed, preferably of steel or a sturdy hardwood like oak or maple. A pine door will not stand up to a drove of heavy hitters pounding on it with Premium Gold credit cards.


Many MLM Leads vendor sites feature a button linking to audio testimonials.
We have borrowed one of those buttons and reprogrammed it to tell the TRUTH.
Michael Dlouhy has interviewed 11 full time professional network marketers
about their experiences with purchased leads. Click “play” to hear
“What Our Clients Say NOW …”

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