Seth Godin often writes exactly what we need to hear.  This is his blog article called “Agency.”

A door is not responsible if it swings and hits you in the nose. Neither is the hand of the guy who punched you.

Philosophers and lawyers talk about agency. Responsibility comes with the capacity to act in the world. If you can decide, if you can act, you have agency.  Life without agency would be a nightmare. Trapped in a box, unable to do anything by choice, nothing but a puppet…

Why then, do organizations and individuals struggle so intently to avoid the responsibility that comes with agency? “It’s not my job, my boss won’t let me, there’s a federal regulation, we’re prohibited, it’s our supplier, that’s our policy…”

It’s not something you can turn on or off. Either you have the capacity to act in the world. Or you don’t.

How often have you heard distibutors give up responsibility like this?

The products are overpriced.
Taxes and shipping and handling are too high!
My upline is rude and my downline is lazy.
These leads are no good and nobody answers the phone.
There’s no system in place.
Our comp plan sucks!

It’s not the fault of the products or the taxes or the shipping or the handling or the upline or the downline or the leads or the phone or the system or the comp plan anymore than it’s the fault of the door or the fist that hit you in the nose.

Any time you find yourself or team members blaming circumstances for their lack of success, you know they are not looking within.  The louder the complaint, the greater the need to take responsibility.

Here are some quick questions to stop Blamie Jamie and Blamie Mamie in mid-kvetch and put the focus back where it belongs:

What personal development books are you reading this week?
Is this making you a dime?
Is there a way for us to change this?
Could you include this in your daily accountability report?
If your downline came to you with this, what would you advise?
Does this story have a happy ending we can work toward?

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To your success!
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