Here’s another brilliant insight from Seth Godin called “The Bully-Victim Cycle”

A bully acts up in a meeting or in an online forum. He gets called on it and chastised for his behavior.

The bully then calls out the person who cited their behavior in the first place.  He twists their words, casts blame and becomes an aggrieved victim.

Often, members of the tribe then respond by backing off, by making amends, by giving the bully another chance. And soon the cycle continues.

Brands do this, bosses do it and so do passers-by.

Being a bully is a choice, and falling for this cycle, permitting it to continue, is a mistake.

MLM sponsors and uplines are not bosses, but they do it too!  And because sponsors are not governed by the usual guidelines of business etiquette, the bullying is often worse than found in an office.

Network marketing seems to promote the ’emperor complex’ among those who have not succeeded elsewhere.  Sponsors often assume powers they don’t have in everyday life, and take out their frustrations on their downline.

We know what to expect from a boss, but are bewildered when we experience abuse from our upline.  We  join people we know, like, and trust, only to see them turn into dictators and bullies.  There are structures in the office we can turn to for help, but in the world of network marketing, we are left alone to deal with our abusive uplines.  Corporate does not like to get involved, and many companies forbid or discourage sideline communication.

When a bullied rep does stand up, the bully is usually more practiced and vocal about playing the aggrieved victim, rallying other abusive leaders for support, and isolating the distributor even more.

No wonder attrition is so high in this ‘people helping people’ business!

Sponsors are just humans, flawed as the rest of us.  Do not make the mistake of putting them on a pedestal or giving them magical powers just because they happen to be a step or two above you in the genealogy.  That’s just a fluke of timing, not a promotion to emperor or empress.

Just as you would not tolerate bullying in the workplace, do not tolerate bullying from your upline.  Document all incidents carefully, and contact your company management.  The success of the company depends on you, and your voice should be heard.  If management dismisses your concerns, you are in the wrong company.  Leave immediately and find a company that will treat you with dignity and respect at all levels.

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