Michael Dlouhy poses an excellent question that allows us to compare and find the best MLM compensation plans:

How many distributors are required in your business to generate a walk away residual income of $10000 per month?

We first introduced the question in this article “A Question We Should Ask” and recently used it to analyze the Bongo Juice Company and Excel Communications.

In analyzing over three hundred network marketing companies, we have found a huge range of answers to this simple question – all the way from a staggering high of 28000 down to a workable low of 400.  A 70-fold difference in how hard you will have to work to make a dime in this industry!

To learn the answer to the 10k question for YOUR company, please try this 10k Calculator.

How did your company do when you put it to the 10k test?

Please post your results here in the comments section, and we’ll add your info to our growing list.  Please also let us know how we can improve the calculator, which is in the ‘beta’ stage of testing right now.  Thank you!

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