Mark Twain once attended a church service during which the city missionary passionately appealed for donations to aid the community’s poor.

The appeal had so stirred me that I could hardly wait for the plate to come my way. I had four hundred dollars in my pocket, and I was anxious to drop it in the plate and wanted to borrow more. But the plate was so long in coming my way that the fever-heat of beneficence was going down lower and lower – going down at the rate of a hundred dollars a minute. The plate was passed too late. When it finally came to me, my enthusiasm had gone down so much that I kept my four hundred dollars – and stole a dime from the plate. So, you see, time sometimes leads to crime…

The long-winded preacher had persuaded Twain, but then proceeded to drone on for so long that he nullified the appeal of his message. The moral of the story? Be brief.

How many times have we found an audience (willing or otherwise) for our business presentation and rattled on for hours, only to find them glassy-eyed or asleep when we finish and finally look up to check their reaction?  When you ask them to join you, the usual response is, “I’ll have to think about it”, which is code for “Lemme outta here!”

There may have been a few Mark Twains in your audience who were ready to join you and get started, but you talked and talked and talked them out of it!

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