Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. http://www.sponsorfastwithbigal.comTom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is a master at providing us with magic phrases and sentences that make it easier for us to gather customers and recruit MLM business partners.

Just when we think we’ve heard them all, he surprises us with a bunch more!

At a recent Meetup called How To Meet New People For Your Network Marketing Business, Big Al taught us several new sentences he’s been testing.  Our favorite was “Let’s get that sorted out right now.”

It’s a phrase you can use after building rapport and discovering a problem you can solve.  The next step is to find out if your prospect actually wants to solve the problem, and most importantly, wants to solve the problem with you!

Here’s an example …

Prospect and You:  Chitchat chitchat about the weather and the game last night …
You:  I still play hockey a couple times a week with my buddies in The Puffers League.
Prospect:  I’d like to, but I’m so damned tired and achy all the time.
You:  Would you like to do something about that?
Prospect:  Of course, I would!
You:  Well, let’s get that sorted out right now.
Prospect:  How?
You:  Let me give you a sample of something that works for me.  It might work for you …


  • You’ve built rapport.
  • You’ve discovered a problem you can solve.
  • You’ve broken the ice and moved from casual to commercial talk.
  • You’ve found (in a non-threatening and socially acceptable way) that your prospect wants to solve their problem.
  • You’ve found out (most importantly) that they want to solve their problem with you.
  • You’ve opened the door to showing them a product that might work for them.
  • You’ve left the decision in their hands with no pressure from you.

Another example …

Prospect and You:  Chitchat chitchat about the kids and the cost of clothes and daycare …
You:  Daycare must be expensive, and I bet you miss seeing your kids grow up while you’re at work.
Prospect:  You bet I do!  It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye every day and leave them with someone else …
You:  Well, some moms have figured out a way to stay at home with their kids and still earn an income.
Prospect:  They have?  I’d love to be able to do that!
You:  Well, let’s get that sorted out right now.
Prospect:  How?
You:  I can tell you all about it but it’s going to take a whole minute.  When will you have sixty seconds?

Again, mission accomplished!

  • You’ve built rapport and brought attention to a problem with no pressure or embarrassment.
  • You’ve made it easy for your prospect to acknowledge the problem and agree with you.
  • You’ve let her know that she’s not alone and that others (her peers) have already found a way to solve the problem.
  • You’ve discovered that she would like to solve the problem with you.
  • You’ve avoided ‘firehosing’ by making sure your prospect is open to hearing your solution.
  • You’ve opened the door for your One Minute Presentation.

Let’s look again at “Let’s get that sorted out right now!”

When you say “Let’s”, you are telling your prospect that you are going to be working together on the problem.  You’re not going to sign up a customer or distributor and then abandon them to flounder on their own.  You’ll be providing support – a great comfort for anyone starting something new.

When you say “get that sorted out”, you are using everyday language, avoiding frightening phrases like “autoship”, “millions of magical molecules in a milligram of our miracle muck”, “independent business owner”, “holistic health consultant”, etc.

You have not set off the salesman alarm.

When you say “right now”, it introduces a sense of urgency to the decision.  By taking action right now, you are both taking advantage of the excitement of the moment to make a move and get things done!

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