The recent charges laid by the RCMP against Business In Motion (BIM) members hold a valuable lesson for all of us.

When the poop hits the propeller, it does not land on just the CEO. It lands on you too!

Note that the charges against the 13 Bimboneheads go way beyond the corporate level, and this is not the first time that distributors have been held accountable for their actions. No longer can anyone claim innocence by ignorance. If you participate in a scam, you are just as guilty as the organizers.

Alan Kippax may have been the mastermind and chief weasel, but anyone who helped him will be sitting in the same courtroom facing the same charges, and may find themselves holidaying in the same facility at the expense of the taxpayer.

Here is a response we sent to one of the lucky 13 who complained that our comments were “inappropriate” and showed “no regard for the pain this causes innocent people.” This Bimbelievian went on to accuse us of being “quite happy that people who acted in good faith would be charged, ” and, horror of horrors, “I have lost respect for your reporting.” The tirade was topped off with a devastating request to be removed from our mailing list for Kippax news.

Hello [name]

It’s not our reporting, it’s the Winnipeg Sun and the CBC.

By ‘heavily involved’, we mean involved enough for you to be charged by the RCMP.

If you had gotten out when the signs were there, this may not have happened to you. We have tried to warn everyone about Alan since November 2005 when we discovered the truth. Those who would not listen have only themselves to blame for the mess they find themselves in now.

You can lose all the respect you want for us and kill all the messengers that come your way, but in the end, each member has only him/herself to blame for the extent of their involvement.

Happy New Year referred to the fact that Alan and his Bimboneheads were finally being charged by the RCMP after all these years of racketeering, and all the thousands of lives disrupted and ruined by his schemes.

If you think we are happy about all those ruined lives, you are badly mistaken, and you are using the same faulty logic that allowed you to get involved in the first place.

Those who stayed with Alan after TTI was closed down in the UK are not “innocent.”

Those who joined him to make a quick buck at the expense of others were not “acting in good faith.”

You can be sure that the RCMP does not want to waste the taxpayer’s money and their own reputation by charging the “innocent” and those “acting in good faith.”

There were hundreds of Bimboneheads to choose from, and after seven years of investigation of TTI and BIM, you can be sure the police will choose very carefully, so as not to waste time and money.

If you are on the list of thirteen, there is a very good chance that you ignored all the signs, abandoned all your morals and ethics, and chose to follow Alan on a path littered with damage to many.

How silly of you to call us ‘inappropriate’ when you have been charged with playing a major part in Alan’s alleged criminal activities.

Our advice to you is to spend less time and energy killing the messenger, and more time and energy finding a good lawyer to help you forge a credible explanation for your behaviour.

We will remove you from our list.

Bob and Anna

All this will be just salacious entertainment and soap opera slop unless we learn from it …

Everyone should take full personal responsibility for the business they are joining and promoting.

Everyone should know the difference between a legitimate MLM company and an illegal pyramid.

Everyone should know about five things to look for when choosing an MLM company.

Everyone should read this Free MLM Overview.

Bob and Anna Bassett
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