You go to the mailbox as usual to pick up your commission check, and instead find a letter like the one to the right.

How do you feel?  Have you done it again?  Is it your fault?  Is it the CEO’s fault?  Is the whole MLM industry a scam?

It’s always sad to see a network marketing company fail.

Many have invested millions to get it rolling, and many more have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in their own home businesses.  When the company fails, it’s not just a business statistic.  It’s the collapse of the hopes and dreams (and sometimes the reputations!) of thousands of networkers who have joined the company in good faith.

If they have not lost faith in themselves and the industry, those thousands must start all over again in a new company.  Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake over and over again, as so many of us do.

What’s the mistake?

Not choosing a five pillar company.

Everything can be in place – great leadership, great products, great comp plan, great training – but if the company is new, there’s a problem.

There is just a 1% chance that a startup company will see its second birthday.

A company needs people to get rolling, but why should it be you?  Why take that kind of chance with your future?  Why take a 99% chance that you will have to start all over again in a few months?

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Bob and Anna Bassett
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