You decide that Cadillac is the car for you, and you go to the dealership with your checkbook ready.

The salesman is about 60 years old, well dressed, and obviously very successful in his career. Is Cadillac a good car?

Now suppose that your salesman is a young enthusiastic guy who just started yesterday and has not yet received a commission check. In fact, you are his first customer. Is Cadillac a good car?

Of course, it is! The quality of the Cadillac has absolutely nothing to do with the salesman. If Cadillac is a good car, your salesman could be the Abominable Snowman. It doesn’t matter. Even if you needed car repair services, there are plenty of specialist Cadillac repair companies, which is a real benefit as you know your car will be looked after properly.

If you only buy cars from salesmen who are making the amount of money you think they should be making, you could end up driving a Pinto.

Next time someone asks you how much money YOU are making, respond this way …

Is Cadillac a good car?

Then tell them about the two salesmen.

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