If you have spent more than five minutes on Facebook, you will have met them – the cranked up promoters who barely have time to say hello to you before they start pumping their deal.

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter calls them “The Firehosers!”

Here’s a conversation I had with a firehoser named ‘Jim Busyguy’ who started by posting on our wall.  He has since disappeared from Facebook and has removed the conversation.  (We’ve changed his name slightly to protect the breathlessly enthusiastic.)  His profile picture was a picture of money, but halfway through the conversation, he found his face.

Throughout the conversation, we’ve provided links that comment on his style.

Jim Busyguy: This is [Name]’s Account And she’s looking for Team Leaders… [Jim provides a URL]
They are my Business Partners And it’s Free to Join and Free to Build a Team so No Risk…. **P.S. This Launches in 60 Days** A Team Approach to Building Wealth [Jim provides a URL]  A new and innovative team approach to securing your financial future!

Me: Hi Jim.  Are you a fan of Harry Browne’s?

Jim Busyguy: Hi Anna,  Please Join…. It’s Free to Join and Free to Build a Team and I’ll Help you Just Ask…  [Jim provides a URL]

Me: Hi Joe … Bob here … Are you a fan of Michael Oliver? Natural Selling?

Jim Busyguy: No… Send me his Fan Page…
Sign up for the Business opp Above…. It Launches in 60 Days so you want to hit it hard…. I’ll help you….

Me: Is prelaunch good?

Jim Busyguy: Yes… Watch the 6 Min. Video and that will explain Everything….
Please Join…. It’s Free to Join and Free to Build a Team and I’ll Help you Just Ask… [Jim provides a URL]

Jim Busyguy:  ‎.97% Fail and we are trying to Even the Odds… We are doing Network Marketing Backwards… That’s the Best way I know to describe it… Hope that helps

Jim Busyguy: Many people visit The [Name of New Venture] ([NNV]) website and are confused because they do not find products, services or even a compensation plan.

It is important that you understand the [NNV] is about Pre-Positioning yourself to earn immedi…ate and long-term residual income. No money will be earned until we SELECT and JOIN a well researched and established business opportunity.

The business opportunity selection process will begin once we have a minimum of 3,000 Qualified [NNV] partners (a [NNV] partner is qualified when they have personally sponsored at least two people into the [NNV]). At that time we will select (as a team) our first business opportunity to join. Just imagine, getting started with a well researched business opportunity with your pre-built downline in place (and growing).

A unique feature about the [NNV] is that you can continue using the [NNV] system to build your downline even after we select and join our first business opportunity. This will provide a steady source of new people that will eventually join you in the selected business opportunity, which means even more residual income for YOU.

The [Name of New Venture] does not guarantee or promise long-term financial success, but it does significantly improve your chances of success. Yes, it does take WORK and COMMITMENT, but the fact is that thousands of people have already pre-positioned themselves and thousands more will do the same thing moving forward.

The ONLY way you can earn money in the FUTURE is by doing the work NOW. If you simply wait to see if The [Name of New Venture] will be successful, you will completely miss out on your opportunity to be a part of that success!  [Jim provides a URL]

Me: Do you have a picture?

Jim Busyguy:  I just Changed my Profile Picture…

Me: Bueno.  It will help brand you better out here … 🙂
What criteria do you use to choose the company once you have a team assembled?

Jim Busyguy:  It’s all on the Website…… [Name] has Answered all that on the FAQ’s Page

Me:  No, I meant what criteria do YOU use?

Jim Busyguy:  The amount of people in our Downline is our Voting Shares… We are going to be Voting on MLM Companies to enter in 60 Days…

Me:  What criteria will they and you be using?

Jim Busyguy:  Read the FAQ’s Section on My Site Link:  [Jim provides a URL]

Me:  Do you walk to work or take your lunch?

Jim Busyguy:  What questions do you have…..

Me:  What criteria do you use to choose the company once you have a team assembled?

A newcomer to the conversation:  Wow is that hard sell or what! Some people just do not get it. 🙂

Me:  This is why we call this place “InYourFacebook”!

Me:  We use the five pillars and the 10k question to analyze companies.

Jim Busyguy:  I don’t Bite on those type of Questions…. Sorry

Me:  Bite? You mean the lunch/walk question? Or the criteria question?

Jim Busyguy:  Your Fishing to Take the Conversation into a certain Direction…. I’m not going to Bite… Everything you need to answer your Questions is on the site

Me:  Do you prefer firehosing over fishing?

Me:  You brought this to us and we have no questions …

Jim Busyguy:  I’m not going to Play Games…I haven’t got time….

Me:  Criteria for choosing a company is a game? Not playing that game could be expensive … We made that mistake for seven years … We know from experience.

Jim Busyguy:  I’m not Playing… Look at the Site for the Answers

Me:  If we have no questions, why would we look for answers?  You may be trying to provide a solution for a problem that does not exist. That’s what Michael Oliver teaches us not to do …

Jim Busyguy:  I hadn’t got time…

Me:  You had time to firehose us, but you don’t have time to learn a few things?

Me:  Earlier on, you promised us help, but what kind of help can anyone expect if you don’t have time for a conversation with your prospects?  Michael Oliver would not approve.

Me:  We tried breathless enthusiasm for a long time with little or no permanent results.  Maybe it’s working better for you than it did for us …

Newcomer:  Boy Am I enjoying this … 🙂 I too am educated now.

Me:  BTW, Jim … if you ever get a chance to slow down, here’s a free report you might enjoy.

Me:  It will answer questions you don’t have yet.

For a better approach that puts no pressure on anyone, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter can teach you his Magic Sequence of Words. Learn how to get people’s attention in the first thirty seconds with no firehosing!  You want people leaning forward, not running away.

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