Here’s a not-so-silly True or False test for you. Read the statements out loud for maximum impact, and then state clearly whether each statement is true or false.

Sit up straight now … Ready? Begin!

1. When I bought my first bike with my own money, I didn’t know how much it cost or whether the brakes were any good and I didn’t read the warranty and neither did my parents. I just bought it and rode it. True or False?

2. When I took my first part time job babysitting or lawn cutting or snow shoveling, I didn’t know how many kids they had or when they were coming home or what to do with the clippings or where their sidewalk ended and I didn’t ask how much they were going to pay me. I just kept on sitting and cutting and shoveling until they told me to stop and I took whatever they gave me. True or False?

3. When I took my first real job, I never asked the hourly wage or the yearly salary, and I never read my contract to see my schedule or find out what benefits my family and I had. I just started working and hoped they would tell me when to stop and I looked forward to the surprise of my first real grownup paycheck. True or False?

4. When I got married, I had no clue about how long I should keep at it or which one of us had to take out the garbage or what marriage meant legally or what could happen if it fell apart. True or False?

5. When I got my first life insurance policy, I didn’t know if it was term or whole, and I didn’t know how much it was for or what it would cost me every month or if my family would actually receive anything if I died. I just bought some life insurance from a reputable company and crossed my fingers and hoped I didn’t get hit by a truck. True or False?

6. When we bought our first house, We didn’t know if it was in a good neighborhood or how much it cost or what our monthly mortgage payments would be, and we never consulted a home inspector or lawyer or real estate agent or got any advice from friends who had bought houses. We just bought the house and moved in and hoped there were no termites and we could afford it. True or False?

7. When we sent our kids to college, we didn’t check out which was the best or which programs they offered or what it cost or where it was. We just sent some money away and then sent the kids away to the same address as the money and hoped for the best. True or False?

8. When we bought that pizzeria downtown and went into partnership with Guido, we never looked at the books or the price of the store or the cost of pepperoni or pizza dough or minimum wage or the interest rate on the loan or the size of the loan or the length of the loan. We had never met Guido before, but he seemed like a really good guy and was over at our house a couple times for dinner and we went out on his boat a couple of times and our kids got along well, so we never checked his background or how he could afford such a nice boat. We just signed the contract and bought the pizzeria and went into business with Guido and hoped everything would be okay. True or False?

9. When we started our network marketing business, we didn’t ask how hard we were going to have to work to earn enough money to pay for the pizzeria fiasco. I worked with the guy that showed us the business and he seemed really nice and really smart, so we figured he had checked this all out and we didn’t have to. There was an ex-cop and a minister and a doctor at the meeting too and many millionaires have come out of retirement and heavy hitters from other companies are coming over and there’s an NFL quarterback over in Minnesota and a movie star in Hollywood and a jillionaire in New York that are endorsing the company. The owner has a nice suit and a nice boat and a nice car and a nice house too, and we met him a couple times and you can just tell by his smile and handshake that he’s a good guy and trustworthy, so we figured we didn’t have to read our contract. In fact, we didn’t even know there was a contract – we were so excited we just checked that little box. We’re pretty sure we’ll be able to earn enough money to pay off Guido and have enough left over to bring the kids home from college, and then be able to retire the way we’d planned and then will our business to our kids but we’re not really sure now. True or False?

If you are like most network marketers, you answered questions 1-8 False, but question 9 True!

Now why is that? Why do we check things out the best we can in every other area of our life but when it comes to our MLM company, we just cross our fingers and hope for the best?

In sane, rational moments, we’re sure you’d agree that you should know how hard you are going to have to work and whether you are joining a reputable company and whether your check is protected for yourself and your family.

To learn how to check your company the same way you’ve checked every other area of your life, read this free report, Big MLM Lies. You’ll be glad you did. And proud. Do it now.

Bob and Anna Bassett
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