Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. “How do I overcome MLM objections?”

This question is one of the earliest and most common and most likely to produce bad advice and poor training from your sponsor, your upline, and even your company.

In fact, the question itself is wrong!

If you ‘overcome’ an objection, you’ve won a battle, and a battle is the last thing you should be engaged in with your prospect.  You may win an argument, but you will never gain a customer.  You may gain the upper hand, but you’ll never shake the hand of a new business partner.

There’s a corny old rhyme, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!”

We’ve all seen lists of clever comebacks for the half dozen or so most common objections.  Many are manipulative and some are downright aggressive!  Read a few here … No Wonder We Hate Sales!

The more pleasant replies are based on ‘Feel, Felt, Found’.

If Mary says she has no money to get started, we are trained to say, “I know how you feel, Mary.  I felt the same way myself, but then I found out that if I didn’t make a change right now, I’d never have any money … “

Mary is expected to follow your shining example and brilliant logic and join you right now in your business.  It never seems to work that way, does it?

Here’s better advice from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter … 


Hi, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter here.

Prospects complain, “I don’t have any time.”

So how do we respond? Do we go home and feel depressed? Or should we at least point out to the prospect that having no time is the reason he should join?

We could say this to our prospect:

“Of course you don’t have any time. That is why I am talking to you now. I know you don’t want spend the rest of your life with no time for yourself, your family, or your dreams. So let’s sit down now and figure out a plan to start your business, so in the near future, you can have some time for yourself.”


You can fill in the blanks for the other common objections:

“Of course you don’t have the money.  That’s why I’m talking to you right now.  I know you don’t want spend the rest of your life with no money for yourself, your family, or your dreams. So let’s sit down … “

“Of course, you don’t want to be a salesperson.  Most people don’t.  That’s why we train you how to do your business with no rejection.  So let’s sit down … “

You see that by agreeing with your prospects rather than arguing, you’ve built rapport and made it easier for them to decide to join your team.

How would YOU answer objections like these?  Please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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