Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. People join people they know, like and trust.  It’s that simple.

So, if you’re trying to build a network marketing business but don’t know how to get to know people, have them like and trust you … as Big Al says, “You’re roadkill – dead meat!”

Here’s a recent article from Tom that makes total sense as usual:

How to get people to follow you.

Prospects want a better life. In fact, many prospects hate their lives.

So, our prospects want a change in their lives, but don’t know how to do it. If they knew how, they wouldn’t need us.

Prospects are desperate to follow someone, but they want to know two things:

#1. “Does this person know where he or she is going?”

Nobody wants to follow someone who is lost. Fortunately for us, we all know where we are going in network marketing.

#2. “Does this person have enough skills to help me get there?”

Ouch. And this is where the attraction stops. In the beginning of our career, we don’t have the skills for building this business. We’ve just joined. We haven’t learned the 25 basic skills, and we are clueless. We mindlessly approach people, make presentations, and don’t have an idea of what we really should be doing.

That is why the leaders find it easy to recruit. Prospects can smell competency. They want to join, follow the leader, and get the skills to go where they want to go.

In the beginning of our careers, prospects can smell our incompetency. They don’t want to follow us, and we end up giving long presentations to people who “want to think it over.” Then we frantically try following up, and no one wants to talk to us.

While there are many secrets to sponsoring success in network marketing, “attraction” is one of the easiest to master. All we have to do is learn a few of the basic skills and prospects will want to come with us on our journey. That is why books, audios, seminars, conventions and workshops are so essential early in our career.

So, if we are still unattractive to prospects, let’s change that right away. And if our team has that problem, let’s help them make a gigantic leap in success by giving them some basic skills.

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Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s 25 MLM Skills
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