We were working with our friend Judit Regev in Israel to help Greg analyze his company.  Together we look at the compensation plan to see how hard you will have to work, and at the policies and procedures to see if your check will be protected for yourself and your family.

It was tough for us to understand how Greg’s company operated, so we asked him how he made his money.  Greg launched into a vague explanation that involved collapsing cash, Nixon and the Gold Standard, recessionary economics, the exchange of fiat currency for a new private metal currency, inflation and one gram bars on plastic cards, and on it went.  After five minutes, we were no closer to understanding, but we did manage to get him to agree that he was selling gold, or at least agree to us calling it selling gold.  Whew!

In his policies and procedures, we found the usual gotcha clauses including the phrase, “This agreement shall be concluded for an indefinite period of time.”  The whole contract was vague enough to raise serious doubts about what the company could and could not do.  The ‘ongoing’ clauses, however, made it clear that Greg could never take a vacation, retire, or will his business.

When it came to the compensation plan, we could not understand, nor could Greg explain how he made his money.  There was no chart to explain the cost of the gold, the amount of a customer’s monthly commitment, or the commission rate paid.  There was no clue to how Greg would be paid for sales in his downline, or if he could build a downline at all.  The best we could find was a promise of 5% once Greg had gathered 300 customers!

After a frustrating hour, Greg began to promote his business again, inviting us to buy gold or join his team.

Exasperated, Judit blurted, “Greg!  Why would I join you?  You don’t even know how much for how many for how long!”


In one short sentence, Judit described most of us in network marketing.  We jump in on the enthusiastic advice of a friend, cross our fingers, hope for the best, get to work with no skills, and start firehosing everyone in sight with the new opportunity we have no clue about.

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