We meet many people who have just discovered they are in the wrong company.  As good leaders, they feel a huge responsibility for their team, and that puts them in a dilemma:

Oh no!  What am I going to tell my people?  They trusted me and now I find out that this is not as good a deal as I thought!  How can I tell them?  Should I tell them?  Oh no!  Arggh!

There is an old saying “No matter how far down the wrong path you have traveled, turn back.”

Here’s a picture that may help …

You are headed out for an afternoon on the lake with a bunch of your friends.

At the dock, there are two boats – a red one and a green one.

You choose the red one and everyone piles in.  You launch the boat and everyone starts merrily rowing, looking forward to some great fishing or a wonderful picnic lunch on the other side of the lake.

About 100 yards offshore, your cell phone rings.  It’s a friend telling you to look under your seat.  There’s a leak there, and you are all slowly sinking.

Do you tell your friend that it’s too late, as his call came long after you had chosen the boat?

Do you tell your friend that he is a no good worthless bum of a dreamstealer with no vision and no faith in you or the future of the red boat?

Do you ignore the leak and keep it a secret from your friends in the boat?

Do you encourage your friends to start bailing and not turn back?

Do you jump overboard and swim back to shore, hoping no one will notice you missing?

Do you try to plug the leak with your cell phone and hope it doesn’t ring again?

Or …

Do you let everyone know what you have learned and suggest that you all head back to shore and choose the green boat for your adventure?

If you’d like to learn how to choose the right boat BEFORE you leave the dock, click here.

Bon voyage!

Bob and Anna
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