How often do you hear the question, “How are you?”

Most people aren’t really asking and don’t really want to know, as we all have a list of problems of our own!  It’s just a pleasant greeting that we use automatically to start a conversation or take an order at the fast food window or ask which aisle the cat food is in.

Why not use the greeting as an opportunity to promote your product or introduce your opportunity?

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter tells us that an ice breaker must …

  • Be 100% rejection free.
  • Be free of any pressure or embarrassment.
  • Have a good chance of success.
  • Be fun to use.

We added the fourth item, as we find we have much more success if our ice breaker gets a laugh.  Here are some ideas for how to answer the question, “How are you?”

  • I’m great, thanks!  Ever since I found out how to get an extra paycheck every month!
  • I feel wonderful now that I’m sleeping better and not waking up crabby!
  • A lot better than a couple months ago when I’d pass out tying my shoes.  I’ve lost 17 pounds and I didn’t even have to exercise!
  • Fantastic, thanks!  Ever since I started working on firing my boss!
  • Never better!  My grandkids can’t keep up with me since I’ve been taking these little green pills every morning!
  • Really good, thanks, now that I found a way I can stay home with the kids and still make more money than my husband!
  • I’m wonderful!  I just found out a way we can work three weeks and get paid for four!
  • Smoother than ever!  I just found out a way we can make our skin look 20 years younger in just 45 seconds a day.
  • Much better now that my energy bill is half what it used to be!
  • Great, now that my pants are falling off and my underwear doesn’t hurt any more!
  • Ten out of ten, and proudly unemployable!  I just found a way to never have a job again.

You get the idea.  Use your creativity and sense of humor.  Tailor your answer to the person you are talking to, and make sure it brightens their day!

Notice that none of these ice breakers put any pressure on anyone.  If the person you are talking to is a prospect, they will ask “How does that work?”  You can take it from there with a One Minute Presentation, or schedule a meeting later at a more convenient time.

If the person is not a prospect, this might happen.  I knew the teller at our bank was not an entrepreneur when the conversation went this way …

Carl:  “How are you, Bob?”
Me:  “Hi Carl!  I’m ten out of ten and proudly unemployable!”
Carl:  “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.  I hope you feel better soon.”

Now imagine the awkward situation if I had tried to tell Carl about the magic molecules in our miracle muck or the 3% commissions on seventeen levels beyond infinity!  It would have been awkward and ugly.  With an ice breaker, I cashed my check and Carl carried on with his day after our pleasant goodbyes!  No pressure and no time wasted for either of us.  A fun and easy sorting tool!

Try a few and please let us know how it goes for you by posting a comment on this article.

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Bob and Anna Bassett

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